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Using Illustrator CS6 draw a seedling ai icon renewable energy production



  Welcome back to another based on this Illustrator tutorial in the tutorial, we will learn how to use only a few adjustments here and here in basic geometric shapes to create a simple icon of renewable energy.

  So, assuming that you have the software running in the background, start it, let''s get started!

  Detailed Tutorial: Using Illustrator CS6 draw a seedling production of renewable energy ai icon program: adobe illustrator CS6 - CC 2019 Difficulty: beginner topics covered: design theory, composition, structure, shape aligned locator Estimated Completion Time: 25 minutes the final image: ai icon renewable energy production


  Renewable energy icons final image

  Step 1 As with every new project, we will set "new document", go to "File"> "New" (or use the keyboard shortcut Control-N) to start working, then we will be adjusted as follows:

  Number Artboards: 1 width: 64 pixel height: 64 pixel unit: pixels in the "Advanced" tab:

  Color Mode: RGB Raster Effects: screen (72ppi) Preview mode: The default Quick Tip: If the "profile" of the document is set to "Web", you can automatically trigger settings indicated most only require manual adjustment is Artboard the size (width x height).


  Sketchpad settings

  After Step 2 After setting the project file, we can begin to deal with the actual icon, and we will use 56 x 56 px circle to create the main shape for renewable background energy icon, and then colored using # fff980, then use " align "panel" center horizontal and vertical alignment "option the base centered Artboard.


  Renewable energy icon background

  The third step is to use 24 x 24 pixel circle Add the sun, we will use the # f7c06f its coloring, and align it with the larger background of the bottom anchor.


  Add an oval for the sun

  The fourth step was added using an elliptical field of 56 x 24 px, we will use the # 9bd877 be colored, then the top of the sun, as shown in the reference image.


  Add oval

  Step 5 Because we want this field is kept within the range of the actual background, so we will have to be masked.To do this, first select the basic background, a copy of it (Control-C) was then added to the clipboard, and then pasted to the front of the field itself (Control-F).After copying place, just select it and field, and then right-click> "Create Clipping Mask".


  Making clipping mask

  After Step 6 to complete the background work, we can shift the focus to renewable on a small plant on energy icon, and to start working round cap by using 28 px high 4 px rough stroked line (# 4e725b) create their stems, then we will place it in the reference image.


  Plus strokes

  Step 7 using a square (# 9bd877) 20 x 20 pixels to the right to add a leaf shape mainly renewable energy icon, we will open the "distortion" panel, and then left and right corners are set to be adjusted rectangle attribute 16 the px.


  Add the leaves to renewable energy icon

  Step 8 stroked by first creating a copy (Control-C) to the front paste (Control-F), and then adjusted by the first change its color to # 4e725b, Stroke using a method of adding a contour profile generated.Next, we will use the keyboard shortcut Shift-X immediately reversing its filling stroke, and to ensure that its weight is set to 4 pixels, the angle is set rounded connection.


  Plus strokes

  Step 9 grab Pen Tool (P), the right to "stroke" is reset to 4 px, the "cap" to "circular", use it to quickly draw a reference image as the primary reference line leaf midrib (# 4e725b ).Take time, once completed, and make sure to select the packet (Control-G) consisting of shapes of all leaves, and then continue to the next.


  Group shapes

  Step 10 in exactly the same procedure, by adding a small leaf left, to complete the renewable energy icons and the item itself, this time only using a square 16 x 16 px as starting shape (# 9bd877).After completion of (Control-G) are grouped, and then the resulting shape on the left side of the stem, as shown in the reference image, and then selects a combination of shapes to ensure that all icons are grouped (Control-G) .


  The shape of all packets

  a good job!As always, I hope you are happy to work in the project, the most important thing is to try to learn some new useful knowledge in the process.

  Having said that, if you have any questions, please feel free to publish in the comments section, we will contact you as soon as possible!


  ai renewable energy production icon

  Author: Andrei ?tefan

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