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Using Adobe Illustrator drawing a tropical bird cuckoo making tutorial!



  Detailed Tutorial: Using adobe illustrator painting a tropical bird cuckoo making tutorial!Program: Adobe Illustrator CS6 - CC Difficulty: Intermediate topics covered: modeling, activity corner, align the panel Estimated Completion Time: 20 minutes final image: Tropical birds


  How to draw a tropical bird

  In this tutorial, we will learn how to draw and create vivid tropical birds toucans in Adobe Illustrator, which will add to our exotic summer mood.We will use this basic geometric shapes drawn flat toucans exploration and processing, and the corner "Align" panel.let''s start!

  Step 1 we will toucan head start learning how to draw a tropical bird.Using the Rectangle tool (M) produced dark gray blue shape of 100 x 140 pixels.

  Direct Selection Tool (A) and select the two upper corners of a rectangle.Once you see "active Angle" circular mark, please pull down the center of the shape of the completely rounded rectangular top.

  Another method is to adjust the angle using direct selection anchor (angle) click the tool (A), and then set the value in the "corner" in the control panel window on top.


  Toucan Adobe illustrator Tutorial

  Step 2 Now add a subject.Using the Rectangle tool (M) made in the shape of 245 x 130 pixels, and attach it to the bottom edge of the head of the.

  To ensure that our shape perfectly aligned.Using the selection tool (V) selecting two shapes, and then click again head shape (see thicker along its edges selection).In this way, we will become a key target.Now click on the "horizontal Left", so that the two shapes are aligned with the left edge of the head.Arrived!


  How to draw a tropical bird in Adobe Illustrator

  The third step is switched to the direct selection tool (A), and then select the top right and bottom left body shape.Stimulating activities to mark the corners of the rounded corner.You can also in the top of the control panel 90 px which is provided to manually control the corner radius.


  How to draw a toucan

  The fourth step Let''s go ahead and use the Rectangle Tool (M) added beak.Orange create a 253 x 82 pixel shape, and then press the Shift-Control- [sent back to.

  Use the "Live corner" function, select the upper left corner and completely round.Then the same operation is performed relative to the upper right corner, and rounding it to about 56 px.


  Toucan Design Tutorial

  Step 5. Let''s add a bright spot for the beak.Take the ellipse tool (L), and 120 x 120 pixels to produce a bright red circle.

  Now, we need to hide unwanted portions of a circle in the beak.Copy shape (Control-C) and attached to the front of the beak (Control-F).Press the Shift-Control-] shape to the front.

  Select and copy of beak red spots below.Click the right mouse button and select "Create Clipping Mask".Big!Now, only the tip of the beak is red.


  Toucan illustration tutorial (cuckoo birds make use of Adobe Illustrator tutorials painting a tropical!)

  Step 6 using the elliptic tool (L), the eye was 65 x 65 px white shape.Add a few small circles at the top, forming the pupil and iris.


  How to draw a tropical bird

  Step 7 Now let''s add a wing.First make a 220 x 95 px rectangle of bright, increase the contrast to our role.Direct Selection Tool (A) the shape of the rounded bottom.


  Tropical bird vector tutorials

  Step 8 Add a small amount of copy on top of the wing to make it more in detail.


  How to make a toucan vector

  Step 9 and continue to use the rectangle tool (M) or a rounded rectangle tool (found in "Tools" drop-down menu in the same panel) to create a stick shape px 400 x 20.

  Add two rectangular orange bird legs.In this step, I will also change the wing color is green, I consider it our toucan is better.


  How to explain how toucan tropical bird logo vector instructions

  Step 10 to complete the illustrations by adding some small details to our tropical birds.In this step, I have to use the Pen tool (P) added a line on the beak.I also used a smaller copy of the wing, the leaves attached to the left side of the stick.

  Finally, I used a light yellow 600 x 600 pixels square as background.


  How to design a tropical toucan birds in Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial

  !We finished illustrations of tropical birds!(Using Adobe Illustrator drawing a tropical bird cuckoo making tutorial!)


  Great, now that you know how to draw a tropical bird!I hope you learned from this tutorial new knowledge and love these simple steps.

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