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Using Adobe Illustrator ai drawing lifelike how to make green leaf leaves



  In this tutorial, we will find how to create a green leaf vector can always be used in future projects Methods.Essentially this is a common leaf, that is, you can always change its color and form.In your opinion, it was created with the help of "gradient grid".But no, not so.I used ordinary gradient fill.You want to learn how to create realistic vector leaves it?Then all business aside, let''s get started!Using Adobe Illustrator ai drawing lifelike how to make green leaf leaves

  Tutorial Details: Reality leaves vector program: adobe illustrator CS4 - CS5 Difficulty: Beginner - Intermediate topics covered: "gradient tool" and "Appearance" panel Estimated Completion Time: 45 minutes final image: green leaves vector realistic as usual these are the ultimate "reality green leaves vector" we want to create:


  Green leaves vector

  Step 1 First, create a new document (File> New.).Sketchpad size does not matter, because we will create a vector elements, can be used in the future in other works of art.Click the Advanced button and set the RGB color mode, if the case is not installed by default, it is set.


  Green leaves vector size

  Step 2 taken ellipse tool (L) to create any size and elliptical, it looks like your ellipse seen in the following figure.


  Green leaves vector shape substantially fill and stroke colors is not limited, as we first need to create the form, and then colored.Take the Direct Selection tool (A) and select point A.Now one, while holding down the Option / Alt key, the handle pivot point A.

  Green leaves vector warped shape substantially smooth these actions will result in a corner point into.

  The third step of the object point B perform the same operation.


  Green leaves warpage now basic shape vector, while the position of the actuating handle and the point, the object is to provide a leaf shape, as shown in FIG..All operations were performed under the direct selection tool (A) helps.


  Green leaves vector leaf shapes

  Step 4 Using the pen tool (P), to create a curved line segment, the line segment passing through the points A and B.


  Green leaves vector curve select all objects created, then click on the "Pathfinder" panel "division".


  These operations will form curved leaf leaves vector into two parts.


  Green leaves vector leaf shape now, we can start coloring their half.For convenience, we will ungroup them (Shift + Command / Ctrl + G).

  Step 5 In general, the "gradient meshes" is used to create complex color of the object, but because of the complexity and management of usage, many users even senior designers are trying to avoid using this feature.I fully understand the problems they face, which is why I recommend another method.That, I suggest using the "Appearance" panel created in the shadow of the leaves in two and a half.Describe the color work is always very difficult, because this is a trial and a long journey.So, I give you the exact color name, as well as the effect I want to achieve.From green (R = 110, G = 194, B = 36) to green (R = 72, G = 163 B = 4) leaves the lower half filled radial gradient points.Now, using the "Gradient Tool" (G), to move the radial gradient by clicking and dragging the centers.We need to place the center of the radial gradation in such a way that the leaves left corner paler.


  Green leaf color gradient vector

  Step 6 Open Appearance panel ( "window"> "Appearance"), and then click the bottom of the panel "Add New Fill" button.


  Green leaf color gradient vector of the left slider to change the new radial gradient fill color is green (R = 37, G = 138, B = 0), the right slider green (R = 81, G = 173, B = 4 ) is changed to green.The right side of the slider, setting 0% opacity in the "Gradient" panel.Now, with "Gradient Tool" (G) to move the center of a radial gradient, such that the intermediate portion of the leaf becomes dark.


  Green leaf color gradient vector

  Step 7 Create a new fill in the "Appearance" panel.This has the radial gradient fill color: green left slider (R = 118, G = 196, B = 37), the right slider green (R = 61, G = 130, B = 3).Opacity right slider 0%.Center should be placed in order to reduce the gradient of the right corner of leaves.


  Green leaves vector color gradient As you can see, by using the "Appearance" panel and transparent slider with a gradient, we can create complex color transition.


  Green leaf color gradient vector

  Step 8 how different we work only green, but it looks like there are numbers corresponding to their shadows!Logically, it is clear that the number of shadow color should not significantly different.Fortunately, there is an intuitive color model can help to quickly get the right color.This is the HSB color mode.I use this model to mix colors.And, if you want to get your own color rather than just the color I received a copy, please switch the color model pop-up menu in the "Color" panel.


  Green leaves vector color gradient Here I want to point out that switching color model in the "Color" panel will not change the color mode of the document.

  Step 9 Using this technique, the colored upper leaves.With a linear gradient from green (R = 7, G = 120, B = 0) to green (R = 68, G = 173, B = 0) form filling.


  Green leaf color gradient vector

  Step 10 Add new gradient fill in "Appearance" panel.This radial gradient consisting of the following colors: green left slider (R = 81, G = 173, B = 4), the center slider is green (R = 8, G = 122, B = 0), green (R = 81, G = 173, B = 4).Opacity center slider is 0%.


  Green leaf color gradient central upper portion of the gradient vector to reduce the blade.

  Step 11 Finally, we''ll create a fill in the Appearance panel.The new radial gradient of two colors.These green (R = 9, G = 130, B = 0), the left slider opacity is 0%, a green (R = 65, G = 140, B = 3) right slider.This gradient must be placed in the center to the edges of the leaves darken.


  Green leaf color gradient vector

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