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  Different halftone dot size and spacing, can be put together or analog tone gradation.Although it is a method of printing-related, but it''s the beauty of it even popular digital content.Looking for halftone resource adobe illustrator do?View this graphic style Halftone style to many other styles in Illustrator and use the Envato Market.


  The final renderings

  1.How to create line art Step 1 we first need to create a semi-tone artwork.I drew a shocked woman in the sketch as a reference pop art, many people put together with halftone.

  I open a new document in Adobe Illustrator, and then by going to File> Place.Import sketch.

  From there, I double-click to place the sketch of the current layer, select the "template" box, and then click "OK".I will not work with many of them, but naming the layer is always a good habit.


  Sketch template layer

  Step 2 Now, I started using the "Brush Tool" is on the loose ink sketch.As usual, I like to use a tutorial on custom brush comic style, but to choose which brush to use when you prefer.You can find tips and tricks for creating various types of brush on Envato Tuts +, or you can view some vector brushes package available on Envato Market.


  Ink sketch on the third step I like to draw very loose sketches, and the real definition in the course of ink.I found the sketch will waste a lot of energy when ink, so my approach is not to spend too much energy on the sketch, but more should be used as a rough guide rather than a precise map to follow.

  I have the sketch differ in many places, but now I think it has the power behind the expression, is preparing the next step.


  Line art 2.Add shapes using the Pen tool to create shades of gray hair.Production of two shapes, respectively, the hair is divided into two portions.For black and white gradient, simply press the Period key on your keyboard.


  After beginning to fill with gray hair dyed finish line art, I would like to add shape to the lips and iris.As her hair covered part of the face, so I added a big shadow in a big bunch of hair.


  Gradient tool for hair lips and eyes in the skin coloring, I want to remember the position of the light source in the picture (in this case from the left), and try to break down this way shape.In order to increase the expression of shock, I added an extra shadows under the eyes, which may have dire effects.

  When covering tongues, I''ll use the Pen tool to create a dark to medium gray objects, and then use the "Grid Tool" to add a lighter gray dots.


  Tongue grid tool

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