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Use Illustrator to make cute snowman cartoon icon



  Winter is the fluffy snow, snowballs and snowmen season!We also do a.In this tutorial, we will use basic geometric shapes, "Stroke" panel as well as a variety of tools and features adobe illustrator to create a cute snowman icon to create a simple snowman icon with contour.let''s start!

  Detailed Tutorial: Using Illustrator making cute snowman cartoon icon program: Adobe Illustrator CS6 - CC Difficulty: Intermediate topics covered: modeling, stroke panel, the Direct Selection Tool Estimated Completion Time: 15 minutes final image: Snowman Icon


  Cute snowman icon final image

  Step 1. Let''s start by creating a simple background to make more visible white snowman icon.

  Use Rounded Rectangle tool, Shift key, and make the shape of 540 x 540 pixels.By the "Color" panel is very pale pink fill it.


  BACKGROUND rounded corners

  Step 2 Now grab the Ellipse Tool (L), hold down the Shift key and create a 200 x 200 px even ring.Provided in a white "color" panel "filled" and a brown "Stroke".

  Open the "stroke" panel ( "window"> "stroke"), and then the "weight" is set to 10 lbs, the "hat" is set to "dome", the "angle" is set to "rounded".


  Elliptical Tool

  The third step, if you change the contour of the object''s size, you may find that the stroke is scaled or unscaled along with the shape.You can control this option from the "Preferences" menu.If you want them to scale with the size of the object together, go to the Adobe Illustrator> "Preferences"> "General" and then select "Zoom strokes and effects" check box.Corner of the object is the same - if you want to change the size and the size of the entire object corner, select this option.


  Set stroke Preferences

  Step 4 Let''s use the Ellipse Tool (L) draw the eye.Hold down the Shift key and create a 25 x 25 pixel brown circles.

  It is highlighted to create a smaller circle (8 x 8 pixels).


  Use the ellipse tool to create eye

  Step 5 packets (Ctrl-G) eye element.Hold the selection tool (V), while holding down the Alt-Shift-click combination groups and to the right.In this way, we will create a copy of the selected object.

  Now, we can control by clicking on the top panel or "Align" panel ( "window"> "Align") in the "horizontal alignment Center" two eyes to be grouped and centrally.


  Copy and stare

  Step 6 Let''s add carrot nose.Found "Polygon tool" in "Tools" panel (the same menu "Rectangular Tools"), and double-click it.In the pop-up window options, "the number of sides" is set to 3.

  Creating a filling orange and brown strokes of the triangle.In the "stroke width" "Stroke" is set to the value in the panel 5 pt.

  Using the selection tool (V) of rotation and contraction of the triangle to fit portion.

  Finally, using the pen tool (P) is added in several strokes brown carrot.


  Creating nose cute snowman icon

  Step 7 Now let''s mouth.Elliptical Tool (L) draw an ellipse with a brown stroked and not filled, as shown in FIG..

  Direct Selection Tool (A) select the highest point, and then press the Delete key (on Mac Backspace) to remove it.

  Now, only the bottom of the elliptical shape form a smile.


  Using an elliptical draw cute snowman icon mouth

  Step 8 Next, we will make a hat.Rounded Rectangle tool and making use of the shape of 115 x 35 pixels.

  Using the Rectangle tool (M) produced a higher and narrower shape.Press Control- [sent back, on the shorter rectangle higher behind the rectangle, as shown in the screenshot below.

  Direct Selection Tool (A) moving apex tall shape, so that the top hat asymmetric.


  Use the Rounded Rectangle tool, to create a cute snowman hat icon

  Step 9 Copy (Control-C) the asymmetric shape in the front and paste (Control-F).Narrow shape to make it shorter, and then change the fill color to orange, to match the color of the carrot nose.

  Add two pink oval (with no strokes) on the cheeks, to produce a subtle blush.


  Add an asymmetric shape

  Step 10 Let''s end face by adding eyebrows.Copy (Control-C> Control-F) mouth shape, and make it smaller rotation.The snowman on top of brown eyes.

  Holding brow is selected, double-click "Tools" panel "reflection Tools" (O), and then select the "vertical axis".Click the Copy button to create a second eyebrow and move it to the appropriate location.


  Vertical reflective tool

  Step 11 Using the Rectangle tool (M) produced a scarf shape.Direct Selection Tool (A) so as to move the corners asymmetrically.

  Copy and paste the shape of the "back" of the (Control-C> Control-B).Change of the angular position to look different shapes.

  Stroke weight is maintained in both shapes 9 lbs.


  Add the stroke to "cute snowman" icon scarf

  Step 12 Let''s add some small details to the scarf is icing on the cake.Pen Tool (P) draw a number of strokes in the right edge of the shape.


  Using the pen tool to add detail to scarves

  The step of using the elliptic tool 13 (L) and holding down the Shift key to create a small white circle snowflake.Snowman icons spread around more snow, the illustrations seem complete.


  Elliptical tools to add details Snowflake

  Congratulations!Our cute snowman icon to complete!


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