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Use Illustrator to draw a cartoon car flatbed truck



  In this tutorial, we will draw a funny cartoon car in a simple stylized flatbed.In fact, we would not need the basic geometric shapes and the most useful tool adobe illustrator, you do not need any advanced drawing skills, do not even need a tablet to create this style of objects.This simple and stylish illustrations ideal for mobile applications and design the initial screen login page.let''s start!

  Detailed Tutorial: Using Illustrator to draw a cartoon car flatbed program: Adobe Illustrator CS6 - CC Difficulty: Intermediate topics covered: Pathfinder panel, Shape Builder tool, Eraser tool, expected completion time: 20 minutes final image: stylized flatbed


  Stylized image of flatbed final step 1 take the Rectangle Tool (M), first create a 350 x 55 px for the car at the bottom of the green shape.

  Direct Selection Tool (A) to select the upper left corner of the character, and then pull the circular mark to make the real corner angle of the complete round.We can also set values manually Corners in the control panel at the top of.

  Another corner perform the same operation, but it is slightly rounded.


  Car shape Step 2. Let''s create stylized flatbed top.Glass production of a 220 x 160 pixel rectangle blue.Hold down the Shift key while using direct selection tool (A) to the top anchor closer to each other along the horizontal axis.

  Shape copy (Control-C) and paste created in front (Control-F).Remains selected, using the eraser tool (Shift-E), Alt-shaped bottom erased, leaving only a strip at the top.Create the roof at the top of our car with a stylized green stripes fill the rest of the.


  Let''s windshield third step to add more details to define green metal automobile appearance.Selecting the blue part again, and then repeated twice (Control-C> Control-F> Control-F)., A copy of the uppermost shown below (I filled with black to make it visible) leftward.

  Select it and below it a copy, and then use the "Pathfinder" panel "front portion burden" function ( "window"> "Pathfinder"), so we only have a thin stripe on the right side of the glass.The car with the other metal member filling the same green stripe.

  Now we can select the stripe, hold down the Alt-Shift and drag to create additional copies.Direct Selection Tool (A) to change the angle of a stripe by moving the anchor and the thickness.In this way, we increase the diversity illustrations, making it look more style and cartoon style.


  Windshield and windows fourth step now, we will add a simple shadow, by adding some volume to it on the basis of the car has a larger size.

  Copy (Control-C> Control-F) the car seat, and Shift-drag a copy to the right.

  Choice of these two shapes, and then delete the unnecessary part of the right side.Shape Builder tool use (Shift-M), hold down the Alt key, and then hover over the unwanted parts.Once grayed out, click delete.Arrived!Now we can fill in the rest with dark green shadow.


  Body Step 5. Let''s add some retro round headlights of the car in style.Elliptical Tool (L) 20 x 20 pixels plotted yellow circle.

  Copy (Control-C> Control-F) to create a circle, and a copy of the small (15 x 15 px).Fill it with white to create an internal headlamps.


  The first step 6 headlight headlights now ready, let''s create the bottom of the car.Using the Rectangle tool (M) produced a yellow shape of 365 x 10 pixels.Direct Selection Tool (A) and "real-time angle" function which is rounded fillets.


  Stylized flatbed bumper (using Illustrator to draw a cartoon car flatbed) Step 7 Let''s add wheels!Elliptical Tool (L) 40 x 50 pixels plotted dark brown oval.I have never been to a solid black image to make the palette more attractive to viewers.

  Add a small amount of white oval wheel center.

  Copy (Control-C> Control-F) dark brown shape of the wheels, and direct selection tool (A) is narrowed so as to flatten the top copy of the.The lower the copy to create a slightly darker shadow.Thus, three-dimensional look more wheels.


  Step 8 flat wheels stylized add two wheels on the other side of the car.We can by pressing the Shift-Control- [sends them back ", they are placed in the" bottom layer "panel.

  Using the Rectangle tool (M) add three strips in front of the car, to depict a radiator shell.Direct Selection Tool (A) Select the top of each stripe, and the rounded shape.


  Step 9 car grill Pen Tool (P) to draw a stroke dark green color vertical line of the edge of the door.We can use the direct selection tool (A) to edit the handle anchor line drawn shape.We can adjust the thickness profile in the "Stroke" panel.Let''s set the weight to 3:00.

  Decorative door accomplished by adding a small rectangle round handle.


  Automobile Handle Step 10 Let''s add some bright spots on the glass.First draw a set of rectangles of different heights, as shown in FIG..You can draw several collections of two or three stripes are composed needed.Selecting a group, and then press Control-8 two separate elements into one object, to create a composite path.

  Stripe rotated 45 degrees and place them on the glass, so that overlapping objects.

  Finally, we can use the Shape Builder Tool (Shift-M) to delete unwanted parts, is: Hold down the Alt key and click, then use the Direct Selection Tool (A) to move the anchor to fit the style of flatbed green edge. .


  Step 11 window reflection now, by creating a few simple elements of style around our car, to end flat car stylized composition.

  We will use 600 x 600 px yellow square background illustrations (that you can set to Artboard size or any other size appropriate for your design).

  Let''s create a simple cloud using the Ellipse Tool (L).Production of three overlapping circles of different sizes, and which is incorporated in the "Pathfinder" panel.

  Maintain the selected shape, using the eraser tool (Shift-E), and Alt-erasable cloud bottom.


  Clouds Step 12 We now have a simple cartoon stylized cloud to fill the empty space above the flatbed!Add more content to create a balanced composition.

  We can also use the "Rectangle Tool" (M) or "Rounded Rectangle" pinstripe add some tool to depict the ground below the wheel.

  You may notice that I have some changes to the car''s color from white to yellow, and vice versa, in order to make it more suitable yellow background.


  Flatbed final image of stylized fantastic!Our stylized flatbed Completed!(Use Illustrator to draw a cartoon car flatbed truck)


  well done!Now you can use these simple techniques we learned in stylized flatbed, create more illustrations in the same cartoon style flat.Try to create a house or food truck.

  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found some that might be useful for you new things!

  stay tuned!

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