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Use Illustrator design posters excellent tutorial



  Use Illustrator design posters

  The following is the final image:

  ai海报制作教程图文  三联

  The following are methods and steps:

  Step one, the new page: Open AI, New (Ctrl + N) layers, 70CM wide, high-100CM, CMYK print mode.Other default settings.Click OK when done setting.Use Illustrator design poster effect shown below:


  Step two, set the color: Double-click the foreground color, set the foreground color to: # 091A18, set up after clicking OK.Effects shown below:


  Step three, find the Rectangular Marquee tool (M) on the toolbar, on a new layer, and the original layer pull a set of the same size, at this time, pulled out of the constituency will automatically become your set color, the effect shown below:


  Step four, a new layer, the gradient opening tool is provided as four color points, and then select the rectangular marquee tool, a new layer on pull frame (smaller than the original), the layer is automatically set up into gradient color.Effects shown below:


  Step five, then made the Rubik''s cube.In fact, imitation is very simple to do, to understand perspective, black and white ash.Under this principle, you know the situation, using the pen tool and fill tool to complete the look of the production.Block requires a glossy, dark gray-faced,.Each square as long as you can draw three faces.Use Illustrator design poster effect shown below:Graphic Design Official QQ group: 43,076,594 welcome new and old friends to join mutual learning and improve.

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