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Use Illustrator CS6 simple steps to make a cute little bunny



  In this tutorial, we will create a cute Easter bunny holding a colorful egg.Ten easy steps, you will learn how to use geometry, stroke adjustment settings, how to add details to the outline of the image plane and how isolated icon into a complete composition by adding text.Let''s start making Easter cards right!

  Detailed Tutorial: Using Illustrator CS6 how to make a cute little bunny procedures: adobe illustrator CS6-CC Difficulty: beginner topics covered: modeling, panel alignment, Stroke panel, the text tool Estimated Completion Time: 15 minutes final picture: cute Easter Bunny


  Step 1. Let''s start with the Easter Bunny''s head.Take the ellipse tool (L), hold the Shift key, and then making a 160 x 160 pixel circle.

  Switched to the direct selection tool (A), and Shift-click each of them to select the left and right anchor.The down-drag several pixels to the head like eggs.

  In the "Color" panel its "fill" color is set to light gray, the "stroke" color is set to dark gray.

  Open the "stroke" panel ( "window"> "stroke"), the "weight" is set to 10 pt, the "Align strokes" to the outside.


  Step 2 Now, we will use the ellipse tool (L) ears was added.Making a 40 x 130 px ellipse, the same application head "stroke" and "fill" Settings.

  20 degrees rotation of the ear, and then press the Shift-Control- [sends back.


  The third step is to let us use the "reflection tool" (O) to create a second ear.When you select the first ear, double-click the tool icon, the "axis" is set to "vertical" and then click "Copy" to create a mirror image of the ear.

  Packet (Control-G) two ears, and click "Align" panel by selecting all objects ( "window"> "aligned") in the "horizontal alignment Center", to ensure that all the contents are perfectly centered.


  Step 4 for the eyes and then create a 15 x 15 pixel size circle.Add a second eye and grouping.

  Use "Align the drawing board" option to all content center.


  Step 5 Let us make a triangle nose.Found "polygon tool" in "Tools" panel, and double-click to create a triangular shape.

  Inverted triangles, and direct selection tool (A) by pulling the corner to "active Angle" round mark or manually set value in the control panel is slightly rounded top.I will Corners value to 3 px.

  Resize the nose to make it fit the face.


  Step 6 Now let''s do an Easter egg!Again using the elliptic tool (L) to create the ellipse 155 x 180 pixels.Application the same as before "stroke" is set, but this time the "Fill" color to pink.

  Direct Selection Tool (A) the side anchor moves down a bit, so that the eggs having a suitable shape.


  Step 7 As shown below, is a draw claws 40 x 50 px gray oval, and placed above the egg.Slightly rotated paw.

  Use "reflection Tool" (O) paws flipped to the other side, to create a copy of.


  Step 8 Now, we''ll add some simple rabbit details to depict highlights.

  Copy (Control-C) and attached to the front header (Control-F).In the "Color" "Stroke" panel will be set to "None".In this way, we only have to fill (I have magenta magenta display to make it more clear).

  A copy of it crushed a little narrower, making it "fill" color a little gray.


  Step 9 was added over all the elements in rabbits more details: pink oval on behalf cheek blush, oval eggs on shallower, ears and paws highlighting highlights eggs and pink spots, it seems more complicated.


  Step 10 Let''s add a simple text at the bottom by using the "Type Tool" (T) to complete the composition.Here, I am using a free Henny Penny fonts to make the appearance more interesting.


  Congratulations!Our cute Easter bunny card finished!We finally got it!You can continue to add small details, such as leaves or flowers, but please try not to overload the card, and do not make it look too noisy.Finally, I decided to add only a solid background of light green, reminiscent of a fresh spring grass.

  I hope you find some new tips and tricks for their help on this tutorial, and.

  Have fun and Happy Easter!


  Author: Yulia Sokolova

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