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Use Illustrator CS6 painting a cowboy boots



  In today''s tutorial, we will continue West theme, and learn how to use some basic shapes and Illustrator tools provided to make cowboy boots.

  So, assuming that you have the software up and running, so let''s jump right into it!

  Detailed Tutorial: Using Illustrator CS6 cowboy boots a painting program: adobe illustrator CS6 - CC 2018 Difficulty: beginner topics covered: design theory, composition, structure, shape aligned locator Estimated Completion Time: 30 minutes final image: Cowboy boots icon


  Cowboy icon

  Step 1 As usual, we will> "New" by going to the "File" (or use the keyboard shortcut Control-N) to set "new document" to make the following adjustments:

  Number Artboards: 1 width: 64 pixel height: 64 pixel unit: pixels in the "Advanced" tab:

  Color Mode: RGB Raster Effects: screen (72ppi) Preview mode: The default size of the project and set up


  Quick Tip: If the "profile" of the document is set to "Web", you can automatically trigger settings indicated most only require manual adjustment is Artboard size (width x height).

  Step 2. Create the main shape of its heel portion to the boot started by using a 12 x 8 px rectangle, we will use the # B58362 be colored, and then positioned in the lower left corner to the bottom Artboard a distance of 6 px.


  The shape of cowboy boots icon healing

  The third step is to adjust the shape we just created, is to use the Direct Selection Tool (A) select the bottom left anchor point, and then use the "Move" tool to push it to the right 4 px distance (right-click> "transform"> "mobile"> horizontal> 4 pixels).


  The shape of cowboy boots icon healing

  The fourth step spend some time, using the reference image as the primary reference, the outsole 6 of the drawing pixels high (# B58362), continue to the next step after the completion of.


  Cowboy icon soles

  5 Select the heel and sole, and then using a uniform shape patterns Pathfinder combine them into a larger shape.


  Cowboy boots and unique healing icon

  Step 6 by creating copies of itself (Control-C), using the method provides Stroke contour shape generated, and paste it to the front (Control-F), and then adjusted by the first change its color to # 383C44.Then, the stroke (Shift-X) reversing its "fill", which weight is set to 4 px, the "angle" is set to "round joints".


  Cowboy boots and a unique contour icon healing

  Step 7 Select Pen Tool (P), was added 4 pixels wide by 4 pixels drawn stroked lines with rounded cap (# 383C44), we have placed it on a larger profile, as shown in the reference image.After completion using keyboard shortcut Control-G group selected and all the components of the current section shape.


  Cowboy boots and a unique contour icon healing

  Step 8 creates a copy of the shape of the sole filler (Control-C), paste it to the front (Control-F), then used to create an upper portion of the boot, the method is first to change its color to # EF855B, then remove the bottom anchor points, using the reference image as the primary reference line drawing a new shape.


  Cowboy icon shape

  Step 9 to form a 4 px results coarse contour (# 383C44), then ensure Control-G keyboard shortcuts to select both the packet and.


  Cowboy boots outline icon

  Step 10 is still selected pen tool (P), and 8 pixels high draw small collar, we will use the # B58362 be colored, and then gives a general outline of crude 4 px (# 383C44).Take time, once completed, and select the combination (Control-G) generated by shape, and then continue to the next step.


  Cowboy icon details

  The step of creating a rectangle 11 by a 8 x 20 px (# EDC998) starts operating with the pull, we will use the tool to add anchor (+) to add a new anchor to the bottom edge of the center thereof, thereby to adjust.Then use the "Move" tool to select and push the bottom 4 px distance (right click> "Transform"> "vertical"> 4 px).


  Icons with cowboy boots

  Step 12 The crude contour to the shape of a resultant of 4 px (# 383C44), followed by four 2 x 2 px circle (# 383C44), they are perpendicular to one another in a stack height of 2 px.After completion, before continuing, selected and combined (Control-G) all patterned shape of the current portion.


  Cowboy boots icons with details

  Step 13 using 14 pixels high and 4 pixels thick Stroke (# 383C44) add the vertical detail lines boots, we positioned in the reference image, for ultimate connection to the sole band profile.


  Cowboy boots strap profile icon

  By creating a step 14 with the dome 8 px width crude 4 px stroked line (# 383C44), boots and complete the project itself, as shown with reference to FIG, we previously positioned at the top of the shape.After completion, selected and combined (Control-G) Synthesis of all the shape of the upper body, and then the whole process of synthesis of the same.


  Cowboy icon details

  Wrap up!There, folks can easily find step by step tutorial on how to create your own cowboy boots in just a few minutes.

  As always, I hope you will be able to follow each step, if you have any questions, please feel free to publish in the comments section, we will contact you as soon as possible.

  Cowboy icon


  Use Illustrator CS6 painting a cowboy boots

  Author: Andrei ?tefan

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