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UI wonderful tutorials to create simple headrest icon with Illustrator Mesh Tool



  Simple grid tool in Illustrator is the most troublesome, the effect is the most realistic tool with good energy on their own icon depicting improved so much.Let me briefly explain how to use simple tools to create a grid headrest.

  First look at the results:


  1.Draw a square frame.


  2.Shrinkage deformation tools, and then direct selection tool to adjust the details of the anchor, the outline more in line with real.


  3.Internal tool using a grid mesh headrest filled.Another method is advanced gradient fill and then filling mesh, this will reduce some trouble, but my personal hobby is to mesh fill, so do not switch back and forth outline view, to see the personal preferences.Interior grid there are many people like to add the next line after performing a line adjusted, so that the grid is more regularity, but also make realistic reduce some for less complex shapes, I chose to add line network then adjust the grid, the grid reduce the amount of some regularity.Add a grid is more crucial is relatively cumbersome step.


  4.Then the anchor point at the intersection of the grid were coloring, specifically how to fill unknown I say, do a few times will be able to understand one of the law, and some simple methods.


  5.Partly finished adding shadows, so the overall look more realistic.


  6.Copy, paste flavor a headrest, and then the inside of the halftone pattern effect, set the opacity of 10%, to add texture the headrest.


  The renderings, and more to be able to draw some practical tips.For lack of direct patterning ability of children''s shoes can take photos on the bottom lock tracing the outline, then color when directly absorb color with the eyedropper tool.

  29 tutorial network prompts you learn in this tutorial has been completed!

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