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Tutorials teach you improve design poster with Illustrator



  The following is a poster designed to teach you step by Illustrator

  1. Open the AI software, click File - New in the dialog box, note that the document is set to landscape.Effects shown below:

  用ai做海报,如何用ai设计海报   三联 2

  2. Select the rectangle tool in the left toolbar, we can also direct shortcut keys M key is possible.Click on a blank document, then the pop-up dialog box, enter the corresponding value; 250 * 150.Effects shown below:

  3 4

  Teach you use Illustrator design poster

  3, after completion of the above steps can be obtained out of a rectangular frame, and then call up the desired color in the "Color" panel on the right.If you do not see the color of the right side panel, we can also call up the menu from the top of the "window" in.Effects shown below:


  4, the border color of the blackboard into a blank, black was added to the board 90, 25 to the blue, the color is not close to the blackboard.Effects shown below:

  Teach you use Illustrator design poster

  6Graphic Design Official QQ group: 43,076,594 welcome new and old friends to join mutual learning and improve.

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