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Try to do ILLUSTRATOR excellent tutorial pages



  Since most UI designers are reluctant to find that tutorial AI, so here I listed some AI design tips when designing your page with tools. After trying this, I guarantee you will learn to do a web page with AI.

  First, all the units are set to pixels

  By default, Illustrator using metric units and dot size.These settings are designed in most cases, but for web design, you need to set up pixels.So, before you start working, make sure your unit is set correctly.

  试试用ILLUSTRATOR来做网页 三联

  How to set up the unit: 1, 2 open the Edit menu, choose Preferences from the submenu Unit 3, set all units to "pixel"

  Second, the new document profile type selected Web


  When you start your new design, it is easy to browse the new document and a number of important details, told AI if you want to create a web object, so you do not choose the CMYK color and blur the edges of objects.In the new document window must choose "web" profile settings, everything will be OK.

  Third, the opening aligned pixels network

  This feature is a life saver if you ever existed Photoshop blur the edges of the shape of the problem.He can adjust the vertical level of object and make them exact match pixel grid, while maintaining the curved and tilted sawtooth section.This presents a perfect pixels in web design you want.


  How to set: 1, click on the window - Transform 2, check the alignment of the pixel grid if there is no option below click on the small triangle in the upper right corner, show hidden options

  The use of Pixel Preview

  Pixel Preview feature will enable AI like PS, like, when you zoom works more than 100% pixel grid appears, but not perfect vector mode.


  How to set: 1, click the View 2 check Pixel Preview

  Fifth, use floating window

  Suppose you have two cameras aligned with your design.A camera at normal levels, a ratio of 100% to show your work.Another camera when you''re working at 400% scaling aligned with a specific icon, similar to a surgeon.You use the zoom camera to observe details, change icons pixel size to observe the actual overall.This feature is particularly convenient when you want to draw small details.


  How to set: 1, click on the window - the new window 2, click on the window - 3 floating in the window, you can freely adjust the zoom window size to fit your work more efficient

  Sixth, the use of symbol libraries (symbols tool) to quickly create buttons, icons

  How many times have you create the same in PS (close) button or widget?If you are a web designer, you may do so every day. AI can help you save time and avoid the duplication of work.In the symbol, you can do so using the Add Symbol button and simply drag.Without having to re-start creation.It can also synchronize modify the same symbols. But there is another powerful symbol of function, and that is an example.


  Basically, when you change the original symbol, these changes are immediately reflected in all the symbols.You have to look for a different form on all pages?Just change the sign on the line. Tip: If you do not want to change at the same time a special symbol, simply select it and click the right - Disconnect symbolic link.When you change the original symbol, it will not be updated with friends.

  Use existing symbol: 1. Click on the window - the symbol 2, the symbol from the window by dragging the symbol you want to create a new symbol: 1, click on the window - symbols 2, 3 to create a new symbol, the new symbol drag 4 to sign in the window, pop-up dialog box, click OK edit symbol: 1. open the symbol panel from the window menu 2, double-click to enter edit mode 3. when finished, double-click anywhere outside of symbols to launch edit mode

  Seven, using 9-slice scaling

  This is a symbol of the advanced features that allow a specific part of the scaling symbol.


  Left: a button, upon stretching None Example 9 disposed slice scaling.Right: the establishment of scaling, told AI objects which parts of the 9-slice is protected and which parts can be scaled. A practical example is a rounded button, it becomes longer if you want, you can not simply stretching it, as this would distort the entire object.Instead, you must manually move shape points.Then 9-slice advantage began to unravel friends.

  Eight, rounded everywhere

  You can create rounded rectangles in PS, AI but you can create any graphics fillet.This is a non-destructive effects, which means you can turn it on, turn off the bottom of the image without affecting the original.


  Create a rounded effect:

  1, creating a rectangle or any other pointed objects 2, in effect the menu, select the rounded, corner radii and preview input 3, OK application effect a change fillet effects: 1. Select a rounded 2 objects, open the appearance panel 3 from the window menu, locate and double-click the rounded effect change settings or click the eye icon to open or close

  Nine, to quickly create a bitmap fill patterns

  Subtle background pattern in many applications in web design, but many designers can not easily believe that the application of AI.But in fact, the solution is simple.


  Create a fill pattern:

  1, image 2 drag your work, click the embedded above the function bar (very important) 3, 4 drag the swatch, sample application to any object fill pattern

  X. Use text automatically suspended around the image

  Text editing in PS is really a headache, if you want to wrap text around the picture, you have to create two or three different text box to mimic the effect. Fortunately, AI can be done directly.


  Method: 1, AI achieve text wrap text in a text box must be before they can, that is to say, it must be dragged out of the text box with the text tool to enter text to text wrap 2, type or paste text to drag out of the text box 3, placed pictures, draw graphics or 4, the picture or graphic placed above the text box where you want to place, the idea must be in the top 5 of the text box, select the picture or graphic, execution - "Object menu" - "text wrap" - established command if you want to adjust the spacing between images and text, or to perform - "Object" - "text wrap" - "options" in the pop-up panel has a " shift "input box, this is the image and text spacing

  XI, using an image around the text automatically suspended

  The appearance of the panel and the AI layer style more similar to the PS, the projection may be added, stroke and other effects.


  After reading this, you are prepared to use AI to design web pages yet?

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