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The new design Illustrator ai tutorial text wrapping picture effects



  How to use the new design Illustrator text wrapping picture effects?First make sure the text surrounding the images of the following conditions are met:

  1.If the text area text must.

  2.Text and position the wrap object must be in the same layer.

  3.If there is a layer, then the layer hierarchy text must be located directly beneath the wrap object of.

  You must indicate: if the upper layer contains a plurality of text objects, to undesirable wrap around the wrap object text objects or transferred to other layers of the wrap object.

  The graphics on the text and choose the graphics, the graphics must remember the words to the front cover, and then open the Toolbar: "Object - Text Wrap - Create" on it.Text wrap - the establishment of a below option is to adjust the distance between graphics and text.Illustrator new design text wrapping picture effects


  1, Illustrator achieve text wrap text if the text box can and must be dragged out of the text box with the text tool to enter text to text wrap

  2, the text input or paste text box drag out

  3, into the picture, or drawing graphics

  4, the picture or graphic placed above the text box where you want to place, the idea must be on top of the text box

  5, select the picture or graphics, perform --- "Objects menu" - "Text Wrap" --- establish command

  If you want to adjust the spacing between the images and text, or to perform --- "object" --- "Text Wrap" --- "Options" in the pop-up panel has a "Shift" input box, and this is the picture text spacing.Illustrator new design text wrapping picture effects

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