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Stroke word, using Illustrator design Suning Tesco 818 fever pitch plane poster



  One day accidentally saw Suning Tesco Metro station 818 fever pitch plane poster, feel feverish festival font design looks good, so today want to emulate doing, do not know right method for everyone to share, explore together.

  First look at the results:


  [1] Open Illustrator, pen tool, generally three sections fever draw text, smoothness of attention to the text, to use as little as possible node.

  Hair and section above, I used the triangular shape of the tool.



  [2] pen created characters have a little advantage is the ability to use the whole stroke tool to all lines overall bold text, and the text for the unity of the endpoint selected text dot endpoint, right, will do three small triangle the rounded corners, so that all of the characters have a unified feel for the text bold, the text of the regulation should be simple and avoid the lines between the text appears too close, etc..


  [3] After the text is adjusted after not much of a problem, it is the contour of the object stroke [- path - profile of stroke] Sometimes you will find that after some convolution rounded side has changed, so also the need to increase the anchor text becomes rounded.There step is to merge the entire path.


  [4] The reason merge the entire path is all rounded corners modifications, such modifications will not become stiff words, some simple design will become very uncomfortable text.


  [5] The method of adding all of the anchor and the anchor to reduce sharp corners, the corners become rounded using.


  [6] to produce a good character stroke a path [-] adding a color shift path, partial deletion hollow anchor after subtracting the stroke, the writing into a white.


  [7] changes the background color of the text, add a gradient, you can be friends!



  Full course completion, completion of homework remember.If this tutorial helpful to you, please recommend to your friends.

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