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Storage techniques, to explain some of the knowledge stored as Illustrator format used by the WEB



  Although this is explained Illustrator storage, but also can refer to photoshop.In Illustrator "storage format used for the WEB" The purpose is to optimize the picture effects at the site or other side of the screen, such as a tablet or phone."Optimize" the word refers to the optimal combination between the image size and quality.We hope to be able to load the page in the picture as soon as possible, then the picture would have to be small, but we do not want therefore to the detriment of the quality of the picture."Save the format used for the WEB" This command allows us to preview the vector is optimized, so that we can debug the best results.

  We will take you in this article WEB recall saved as a picture format, then to show what kind of work for which format to save.UI designers are quick to learn!

  First, save as dialog WEB

  Enter [File> Save As used in WEB format] dialog box will pop up, we can say this command is almost a stand-alone application, so this dialog window takes up the whole screen.


  You can view your work in three ways.The left-most "original" can simply show the original effect, but because you are going to preview the effect on the optimized, so this option has little effect.You can also come to "optimization" option, where you can preview the effect after optimization, or you can also choose to "double", about work after this option will let you compare the original and optimized preview.In the following figure, the original left, right is optimized effect (in this example, is optimized as a GIF format).


  Select the preview option in the drop-down box in the lower left corner of the percentage value, you can enter the zoom ratio to preview pictures, you can also adjust and scale the image by way of shortcuts.

  Click on the lower left corner of the "Preview" button, you can immediately see the effect of this picture is showing in their default browser, if you want to know the effect of other browsers, you will need to click the globe icon on the right button Add more.


  WEB interface format to save the most important part is the size of the picture, this image appears at the bottom of each will preview the file types and sizes.In the following figure you can see, our left is the original Illustrator format, the file size is 1.85M, while the right side is optimized for GIF format, the file size becomes 14.53K.Since it is to find the optimal balance between file size and quality, so you need to always keep an eye on file size.


  Tutorial unfinished, see next page!

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