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AI illustrator tutorial techniques, the characters become fast illustration style tutorial



  This tutorial illustrator tutorial by AI techniques, the characters become fast illustration style tutorial, the tutorial is relatively simple, ten-step teach you to become a minimalist style illustration portraits, such effect has been very popular, but would like to achieve is very simple, today this tutorial to teach you step by step to make, will make you feel complete, I realize I can just interested students together through the tutorial to learn about it.




  STEP 01

  Let''s open the AI, create a new document of 1200px width 1600px tall.

  Then the referenced photos (you can find your favorite pictures) placed therein, lock a photo layer, a new layer as a drawing layer.You can use the Pen tool when drawing,


  STEP 02

  The pen tool shape drawn off the filling line to red, the line size is set to 0.5px.

  Here is a selection of red to take care of visual legibility, you can also use photographs and large color difference itself.

  Draw pictures based on prompts outline, not necessarily to completely emulate Photos.Like this example, we may not want to completely emulate the model''s hairstyle.Shaped base in every shape must be closed completely, which is to fill a need.


  STEP 03

  Draw part features, especially eyes, pay attention to keep each closed shape, then you have to fill your logic is very clear, do not be misled lines.

  Features to keep most simple form, get rid of all the tedious details, and while keeping the "reasonableness" visual.


  STEP 04

  The remaining part of the process of character.Then you can play a little creativity, such as I am here to increase the hair length and curvature.Also this point onwards, we discarded reliance on photo.Close the photo can be seen entirely from the perspective lines to examine the whole picture.


  STEP 05

  Adjust the line, to make it more "silky", and cut shapes merge with.

  Its purpose is to fill a need, therefore be careful to select the appropriate shape object.While maintaining "silky," the premise is not to place undue distortion of the corner, you need to adjust the zoom details.


  Process shaped the essence is to learn to become simple geometric.

  Simple color

  Here we will have to learn to control the color, pay attention to when drawing portraits, features a character as focused, for example, we want to highlight here the lips, so some portion of the skin and lips will be distinguished in color.

  At this time, the overall color is best not more than three.Color as a visual guide, use a different color contrast in an important part of the character.

  STEP 06

  To increase the screen background color, the background color and lip color echoes.Let colors look clean.After completion of basic coloring, rough characters at a glance, facial features to fine-tune the details of this will be further "symbols" of the process.


  Dotting the role of shadow

  Interesting is that, although we discarded all of shadow detail, but it does not mean we do not need.The use of shadow, can play a finishing touch.For example, in this picture, we have to increase the shadow of the neck of the head, neck and head have a visual hierarchy, three-dimensional enhanced.

  STEP 07

  We use color shadows and lip color like pink.The shadow blend mode to "multiply", opacity to 30%.


  STEP 08

  Eye shadow to increase again, which will increase the power of the eyes."Shadow" mode remains mixed "multiply", transparency 60%.


  STEP 09

  In order to increase the dimension of the face, we have to make use of shadows "polish".In this case, not only the shadow of the actual ray-casting rendering, but has some kind of "decoration" means, while the protruding contours of the face, some of the key in the melody is expressed by contour lines of the face of the undulating state.

  After coloring not mixed mode "multiply", transparency 15%.


  Manufacturing Focus

  We have also talked about the positive and negative shape staggered usage.That is, let the background color of the object and the subject of the drawn part can be integrated with each other, according to Gestalt rule, we human eye from some of the clues to determine the target.

  STEP 10

  The background is changed to black, with black hair, eyebrows phase.Turn pink background shrunk to a smaller circle to highlight the focus.Add focus at a focal point.


  Although few steps, but it still requires a certain production technology, simple though simple, but still have to test the students'' practical ability, we can not ignore the simple tutorial to make a lot of hands-on learning and.AI illustrator tutorial techniques, the characters become fast illustration style tutorial

  Full tutorial finished.This tutorial is helpful if you can recommend to a friend by your side.Learned, can also contribute to us, share your learning experience with you:

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