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Adobe Illustrator graphic design



  Like step hand-painted figure is the same, first of all first draw MM''s face, I like to learn how to draw the eye to eye thrush - below.Eyes look at renderings:

  Select (Pen Tool), draw the outer contour of the eye; fill color (FIG.), And then draw the same outline, fill color (FIG), the contour of the eye I used two superposed pattern group to complete.

  We all know that part of the eye, let''s draw the eye MM.Select (oval tool), draw a great circle brown, as the pupil; then draw a great circle placed below the pupil, the same brown filled, select (gradient - radial), 80% transparency; then draw a small oval do high light portion, filled with white.I here overdrawn a high light transition, the drawing tool with a rounded rectangle, filled with a white, 80% opacity.The respective graphic group (Ctrl + G) consisting of the eye, and the eye placed FIG Orbital FIG..Figure:

  Next draw eyelashes and eyebrows.Select the pen tool, draw the shape eyelashes and eyebrows and eyelashes in the right place, the eyebrow is slightly shallower than the eye color, as shown:

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