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Additional hands-on tutorials Illustrator shadow effects on the landscape cube



  Illustrator additional shadow effect on the landscape and the cube upper method steps:

  Step one, make do until then continued to explain the landscape of the cube, and now want to create drop shadow effect for the production of a good landscape cube, the effect is shown below:

  AI如何给风景立方体添加阴影效果 三联

  Step two, check the above snow pictures, click effect - stylized - projection effects shown below:


  Step three, then the canvas will pop up a settings panel projection, Illustrator cube in landscape on the additional effects of shadows below:


  Step four, in front of the preview tick, Y displacement constantly adjusted, the degree of blurring, by looking at the effect of the canvas is appropriate, after satisfactory results, click on the OK button results shown below:


  Step five, later determined that we will find the projection effect appears in the following two pictures above, is not true, select the picture above, right-click and choose Arrange - Send to Back effect is shown below:


  Step six, finally, we could have done a projection effect, looks realistic scenery suspended the cube.Effects shown below:

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