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Adding text transparency gradients in Illustrator



  I''m sure many of you people before in other blog are already know this kind of technology, or have realized that you want to add a gradient in the text, but for those who do not know this technology is worth mentioning.In addition, I found that this known technology to add extra step allows you to add a transparent gradient to text in Illustrator CS4 while still keeping text editable!

  Question: add a gradient of this technology only a few simple steps in the text.In Illustrator, you can not add a gradient as usual to other objects as the gradient applied to text.You can add text outline, and then add a gradient, but later can not edit the text.Do not worry, there is a simple way to add gradient text and make them editable.

  Step 1 using the "Text" tool to create some text with your choice of font.I am now using my favorite font Klavika Bold Condensed.


  Typing Tools

  Step 2 fills and strokes of the text is set to None.If you do not, then after the gradient is applied in accordance with the following steps, sometimes see the original color of the text in the text exposed edge.Further, no fill and stroke set, transparent gradients will appear correctly in Illustrator CS4.If you do not initially set the fill to none, the color of the original text will show through the transparent gradients rather than transparent gradient color or text object below.


  No trip No Fill

  The third step using the selection tool to select text, open the "appearance" panel menu (menu button top left) in the "appearance" panel, and select "New Fill".


  Add a new filling

  Step 4 Now apply a gradient to text, complete!It has never been easier.


  The text gradients to editable text

  Lab: Adding transparent gradient effect to text in Illustrator


  Here is the text in this experimental transparent gradient technique.

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