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[FIG movable IR] with an IR Phototshop get a key operation of the combustion palette excellent tutorial text effect



  Phototshop operation using an IR combustion palette get a key text effects

  photshop is a very powerful picture (tú piàn) software, only for their own filters, actions, brushes, and so some auxiliary tools and features, is enough for us to learn (xué xí) burst.

  We all know that some of the effects of the storm, rain, neon light, parchment, photo frames and so on, we can complete the production of PS by a key operation panel, also know in the IR can edit animated GIF.IR can only do animated GIF, its action panel also comes with a number of other effects.Let''s make a "literal burning" effect by IR action.(Explain here that the version of photshop CS2)

  First, open the IR, you can use Start - All Programs open, you can also convert the PS toolbar.



  Create a new file, you can set up their own size, set against a black background (hēi sè).

  Select the text button input (shū rù) text.(Here you can see, we first set the foreground is white)




  Adjust the text size, the location, select all the text with the text tool, in the text box to adjust the color, the text color to black (hēi sè) (you can also use your own favorite color)



  In this case, because the background is black, we do not see the text on the canvas, it does not matter, there is a display of the Layers palette captions


  Next Production: opening action palette, select - combustion Text.Click the play button below


  The following dialog box appears, press - continue.IR combustion text automatically (zì dòng) perform a preset operation (see Fig.)



  This panel specify in detail the concrete steps to make the burning text, you can also learn to do step by step according to one, very effective and skilled master this action

  If, after the completion of the text location is not ideal, you can use the Move Tool results can be stored as GIF files) is completed!




  IR action palette there are many other features that can help us to make a variety of effects.You can see for yourself!


  29 tutorial network to remind you, this tutorial has ended!

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