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Write with a brush in Photoshop animation tutorial



  PS animation production write with a brush, look at renderings:


  The same way with a feather writing animation:


  Production steps:

  1.Open the file, select a picture (tú piàn), marked with the word set about fonts, formatting text.The following figure


  2.You count the number of words a total of a few strokes, then copy layers (copy shortcut CTRL + J), more copy the layer, the layer names get rid of,

  Easy to operate.Then pulled a pen picture (tú piàn) come in, it must be placed on top of all the layers of the map.The following figure


  3. Open the window - animation, editing into the IR.The following figure


  4.Layer 1 of the left eye, the other off, and then point the first frame, all the word erased by the eraser tool, attention must be a FIG.

  Layer corresponds to a frame.The following figure



  5.The eyes were then turned off layer 1, layer 2 of the eye open, and then copy the selected point on the animated button panel, a new one,

  Point Eraser tool, continue to rub, leaving the first pen, the other strokes are erased, and so on.The following figure


  6.Set the time for each frame look, if you want a transparent background, put eyes to turn off the background layer.The following figure


  7.Open pen image (tú piàn), the point of the first frame, a mobile station with the pen position to the beginning of the stroke.The following figure


  8.And then a second frame point.The end of the pen is moved to the position of the pen.This operation following frames are.File - all stored as WEB

  Format (optimization results are stored as GIF)



  1.FIG stroke replicate layer, the additional layer, means a first layer corresponding to the frame, a first cutting edge on the brush pen,

  It is actually a blank layer, mainly to smooth pen.

  2. Brush must be placed on top of all layers, (need matting).

  3.When using eraser items, each layer corresponds to a layer of each frame, can not be mistaken.

  4.After the first pen stroke, it is placed before the brush tip, and the tip, the tip of the other strokes are placed.

  29 tutorial network to remind you, this tutorial has ended!

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