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With Photoshop?CS5 new features fine hair matting to complete the tutorial



  We matting is often encountered when dealing with images (tú piàn), I want to photograph girls flowing hair perfectly pull taken out, really is not very easy.Those hair is too small, and even if it took a lot of effort will still lose a lot of details.Now we teach you a way simple "hair do now," the (jiǎn dān) method, only need to use a new feature in Photoshop CS5, you can be "digging" It''s a difficult job to become a novice can do "insignificant".

  用Photoshop CS5新功能完成精细毛发抠图 - 逍遥快活每一天 - 逍遥快活林的博客

  The following look at the artwork and matting effect after completion.

  用Photoshop CS5新功能做毛发抠图


  用Photoshop CS5新功能做毛发抠图

  Cutout complete

  Step one: Open the original image with Photoshop CS5, use the "Magnetic Lasso Tool" or "magic wand" to select the protagonist''s body.There is no need too careful, roughly as long as the character selection down on it.Then you can see, most have not been selected hair down.

  用Photoshop CS5新功能做毛发抠图

  Step Two: Click the bottom of the menu "adjustment edge (shortcut: alt + ctrl + r)" button to open the corresponding interface.Top "view mode" in the "View" pull-down option to turn the mouse on each option to stay in it, there will be a total of seven models, which allows us a different image (tú xiàng) and background colors ( sè cǎi) visually viewing the image (tú xiàng) at ambient state (FIG. 1).Since we edit the background color is relatively shallow, so we chose "black mode" it.

  用Photoshop CS5新功能做毛发抠图

  Third Step: First, using a smart edge detection function of Photoshop CS5, the edge detection "smart radius" check, and then appropriately adjusting the radius of the pixel."Radius" is 80, the larger the value, the larger the edge area of spread, which can remove most of the white side (FIG. 2).The background is a solid color or no color photos, intelligent edge radius here basically you can adjust roughly cutout figures, but the more time we use the background color photos, so also the need for manual adjustment.

  用Photoshop CS5新功能做毛发抠图

  Step four: Photoshop CS5 added a "tool radius adjustment" and "erase adjustment tools" and other features, click on the "edge detection" brush icon on the left, you can see them (Figure 3).Use "tool radius adjusting" the detail of the applicator brush back and forth not ready, as part of the edge of the white hair, arms, dress, equivalent to manually extend the radius of the area, can be used if coated with more "painted adjustment tools other" Pen brushing back.

  用Photoshop CS5新功能做毛发抠图

  Step Five: we often encountered when digging edge of an object in question variegated edges (wèn tí), then thus also need to adjust the edge portion, is provided as a smooth, feathered edge and a moving contrast with other parameters, while watching the image (tú xiàng) while setting change.

  Step Six: Portrait inevitably have a slight edge translucent color, where the output of the "clean color" check up, and set a certain number, such as 80%, these edges can be removed drawback colors.Finally, in the "Output to" option select "Add layer mask using a color film layers.".When you click "OK", you can see the new layer with a layer mask in the "Layers" window.So far, the portrait is perfect to take to pull out.

  The complete file in front of "Layers" window to delete the background, you can put a background image (tú piàn), adjust the layer order as well as characters and images (tú xiàng) ratio (lì) size, location, etc..Also need to adjust the color and brightness parameters such as portrait and background, so that the natural effect.

  Cutout little experience

  We can check in the settings "Display Radius" option, then image (tú xiàng) is black (hēi sè) completely covered, you can see the edge of a blank area of the character, when you drag the "Radius" slider, as increasing the value of the radius, the area of the "blank area" will display increases gradually widened, if it covered an edge portion of the character, selection (xuǎn qū) inside it even more complete protection (FIG. 4).Combined use the "Refine Edge" of each option can be adjusted in real time edge detail, then matting the hair, the clothes will be more natural edge.

  用Photoshop CS5新功能做毛发抠图

  Other gadgets matting

  If you happen to not have to install large software such as Photoshop on your computer, but need to use right away, then do not worry, you can easily carry out digging work with some simple (jiǎn dān) method.

  1. Color large color matting

  If the color and background color portraits of relatively large, such background is pure dark screen, you can use small software InstantMask Pro.It uses channel pull emulated, where first need to remove the marked out, and then modify the original background is white or transparent background, showing the need to save position.The whole process is simple (jiǎn dān), the effect is naturally.

  2. Similar color matting

  If the color portrait and the background is very similar, it can be used with SuperMatting.Channel matting technique (jì shù) different, SuperMatting using the energy field technology (jì shù), picture (tú piàn) background color does not have any requirements, regardless of matting whether the part contains the background color similar part, even location filming complex background image (tú piàn), can get a perfect and ideal matting effect.

  3. Cutout slight edge

  If you want to take a very subtle dig image (tú xiàng), it is a nice little tool Knockout.It can have a foreground object edge detail, such as fine feathers, animal fur, hair, shading, smoke, transparency, etc., pull out from a complex background, and applied to another particular background image (tú xiàng) in.

  29 tutorial network to remind you, this tutorial has ended!

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