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With photoshop to create a nostalgic art posters excellent tutorial



  This tutorial introduces the production of nostalgia poster effect.Ideas: first photos overall toning, tune into the dark background of the characters a little bit of color Chen, this kind of classical taste, then you can use some abstract brush painting brush. final effect material 1, FIG open the material, a layer of replication BACKGROUND. 2, then add a "curve" adjustment layer, the "curve" dialog box, select the respective "red, green, blue" channel, three channels are adjusted, the following effects specific adjustment curve. 3, plus a "Hue / Saturation" adjustment layer, disposed below, and apply it to adjust the mask layer in the figure with a black brush, the purpose is to make the illusion of lightness and saturation are masked out. 4, followed by a "black and white" adjustment layer, adjust the opacity of the Black and White adjustment layer is 50%, I prefer gray, while the saturation is too high, I can not accept, but directly to adjust saturation will be subtly lose some color information, so the adjustment layer is essential when I figure P. 5, the following work is to do those feathers flying.I was brushing the pen, so if you do not brush, you can look on the Internet, of course Bluebird in the plug-in version seems to have, we look for.Of course, do not forget to create a new layer before coating. 6, yes, forgot to explain that the brush is to be set, open your Brushes Palette, if you can not see, you can open it quickly F5, specific settings such as following a few shots, of course you do not According to me, I just set as a reference. 7, then set the foreground color to white, painted a few strokes in accordance with certain curvature in the new layer, of course, some places if painted, you can add a mask to this layer, with a black brush in the coated mask in place the mask off. After these jobs are done, and then adding an outer layer of the light emitting layer styles feather.So almost completed.

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