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What to do with Photoshop Album software tutorials page



  How do flip album with PS software

  First explain: My long this tutorial, because I am a little more wordy and does not indicate how hard, learned a little PS friends are able to do.The following are embodiment (lì) try to do a detailed manufacturing steps and album page.


  One.Do back cover and buckle.

  1.New white canvas 660 * 430 pixels, the new layer 1, hold down the Shift key with the Rectangular Marquee tool, is to build a large square constituency (xuǎn qū) in the left half of the drawing below (above left some space to prepare picture page effect), "edit" - "fill" - "custom design", select a pattern set the opacity of 60%, the point "good".


  2."Edit" - "Transform" - "miter", drag the handles to close the upper left corner to the middle point, the author (tick), click "select" - "deselect".


  3.Established at the lower end of the pattern with a rectangular marquee tool bar selection very narrow (xuǎn qū), "Edit" - "fill" - "custom design", the original pattern is selected, set the opacity is 100%, the point " it is good".

  New layer 2 (this layer is used to prepare painting inserts), establish a little smaller constituency (xuǎn qū) on the graph with the rectangular marquee tool, aligned to the right side with the original graphics, set the foreground color to white , press Alt + Delete to fill, deselect.


  29 tutorial network to remind you, tutorials unfinished, see the next page to continue learning (xué xí)!

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