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Using Photoshop tutorial tools, painting tools



  Teach you how to use the smudge tool in PS ~ wonderful tool, but it is also a lot of people do not know oh Another approach under color transition that is smudge tool - its power of me now to explain with you ~

  First: It may be a transition in color, uniform wiping strokes, so that the screen clean, improved accuracy.

  Second: can quickly and efficiently drawn hair texture.

  Third: You can quickly improve the special effects.

  Fourth: can also be used to fine-tune the structure, such as silhouette, features and the like -

  A: The selection tool: Figure in the toolbar to select the tool


  B: Smudge Tool brush settings (smudge tool also brush oh) then we can change the style of brush painting tools.


  C: adjust the intensity of the size of the smear.Percentage toolbar strength can be adjusted intensity of the size of the applicator.


  D: Apply brush effect various settings.In fact, the smudge tool can quickly transition colors.


  Apply transition effects tools color: E.Then slowly put the mixed color to the.


  F: smudge tool wool effect


  G: Apply special effects tools, it would soon be able to achieve the effect you want.


  H: fine-tuning the application tool structure may also be used to fine-tune the types of features of the face of the structure.


  I: smudge tool to use functional structure


  If you want to see the details, you can watch the video above teaching - and you will have a better understanding and enhance the original painting in the world -

  What do not understand the painting can find me oh ~

  29 tutorial network prompts you have learned in this tutorial is completed, completion of homework remember.If this tutorial helpful to you, please recommend to your friends.

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