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Using Photoshop tutorial matting tool, the Magic Wand tool



  Magic Wand is a very simple one constituency tool, magic wand on a simple background color background matting make the selection very easy to use, we look at the use of the matting tool bar.

  1, such a solid color background matting, the ideal scenario is to use the Magic Wand tool.The default can be used when using the Magic Wand tool.


  2, first click on an area outside the soul portraits (doing the tutorial, I show up in order to make clear constituency, where the main picture blur, and you do not have time to blur.)


  3, selected at this time is that all the characters other than a blank area of the body and boxes.By pressing CTRL + SHIFT + I to invert the selection keys, select the character and boxes.


  4, observe constituency, people hold high the wrist, collar and chest, etc., we found less constituency election, hold down the SHIFT key to add these areas with the lasso tool.Instead, the characters shoes, etc., constituency redundant, hold down the ALT with the lasso tool to cut selected.


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