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Use ps to bring up the small fresh photo effects, indoor underexposed more noise modification techniques of portrait



  This tutorial by using ps bring up the small fresh photo effects, indoor underexposed more noise modification techniques portraits, portraits taken indoors sometimes because of the light, often underexposed, noise a lot, then we need to use late to adjust, so that the screen looks clean and comfortable, in fact, sometimes you can not noise, it looks more real, the film has the feeling of noise, done properly will make the photos icing on the cake, the students together to learn about it.

  FIG comparison:

  小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片

  小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片

  小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片

  This group of photos only took less than 40 minutes, because rent studio is 2 hours accrue, however, before a group of kimono finished an hour.

  Evading the question has been put before this could be taken into account.Therefore, according to the site style, and more with a set of clothes.

  This can be set against the photo was taken hastily, seeing a scene to shoot one, did not think too much.

  Because just with white clothes more than two months, only for the 5d3 also not very good, the room is dark, iso open higher.

  See photos cry after returning home, fortunately RAW format photos, adjustable high.

  Here we use this figure as our late example of this right 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片

  We look at the original film, pay attention when shooting in RAW format, the latter regulation has high controllability. 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片


  · Backlighting, no details, there are hidden corners, dirty pictures, more noise

  · The ground and the walls have something distracting screen and off-topic

  · Good place that expression in place of natural character (what to say so

  To save it)

  According to personal preference, I hope the photo into a piece of clean, fresh color saturation is low, more details, there are home intimacy, looking comfortable.In this target started to adjust -

  A LR a late

  The basic parameter adjustment

  Some left tune the color temperature, exposure to improve a little, a little lower high light, shadow and black Lust according to feeling pushed, the screen will have more details.Other numerical values adjusted according to actual situation. 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片 Modified before modification

  The basic parameter adjustment

  On enables the configuration file can be automatically corrected to correct some of the problems hidden corners, it will automatically fill light.This function can be used selectively, not all of the images to be used in.Some use the picture itself under good circumstances, will feel the picture becomes very flat.Delete color, I would usually point, but after dropping the naked eye did not find much difference. 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片

  Modified before modification

  HSL adjustment

  Want the skin become white and transparent, can improve the relative brightness of the orange, relatively lower saturation point, so avoid skin feeling too yellow.While looking at pictures while adjusting color, in fact, the HSL change much, mainly my personal feeling adjustment. 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片

  小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片

  Modified before modification

  After adjusting subtle changes, the main character is a bit of white skin is more thoroughly.


  Objective: Noise Reduction.The image from the step up operation and

  1.According to personal feeling, noise reduction to improve the color inside.

  2 noise reduction in: the brightness increase, this time the picture has been very soft.But we can not let the screen excessively soft, so not in the picture, but drew, so we have to enter the next step.

  3.Before sharpening the number of benefit increase (to control their own degree) this time the picture changed again back operation.It does not matter, at this time we need to hold down the alt key and drag the mask.This time the screen will turn black and white, we drag the mask to the entire screen lines and other distinguished.The purpose of this step is to vote a key part of the lines sharpening, noise reduction effect after middle reservations.


  小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片

  After noise reduction before noise reduction

  Camera Calibration

  I want to tone a little bit warm, but not too yellow, with the adjustment of the three primary colors.


  小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片

  Modified before modification

  LR basic palette in the end, but still did not achieve the desired results.Here we finer adjustment of the venue ps.

  A PS adjust a

  Optional color adjustment 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片

  Curve adjustment

  小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片

  小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片

  RGB feeling fine tuning, want the whole picture with a little bit of film.

  Use ps to bring up the small fresh photo effects, indoor underexposed more noise modification techniques of portrait

  Partial overall tone gray, pull a small "s", the screen can be opened a little contrast level.

  The shape of the curve needs to be consistent color, in order to allow a dark thick portion richer colors, if you want a color partial dark portions, or may be separate tone camera calibration solution.By controlling the degree of curve is not afraid.

  小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片 Camera Raw adjustment after this screen is still relatively yellowish skin, so I used to adjust camera raw, still raise bright orange.But I do not want to change elsewhere, so we have to build a pass.Group, then create a mask to the skin that can wipe out.

  Note: Before you use the best camera raw images into intelligent Shi mirror mode so that the latter is more convenient to adapt and modify the check: 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片

  Remove the screen something not necessary, it can make the overall picture more clean and comfortable.And then make the appropriate dermabrasion, microdermabrasion many online tutorials will not elaborate here.Sister foundation is good, in fact, I did not dermabrasion.

  FIG comparison:

  Before and after

  小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片 小清新,把室内欠曝噪点多的人像调出小清新照片

  It features small fresh whole picture screen is clean and free of debris too much, we can not see the parameters at the time of transfer, follow your heart have a feeling it might go.

  Full tutorial finished.This tutorial is helpful if you can recommend to a friend by your side.Learned, can also contribute to us, share your learning experience with you: http: //

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