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Use Photoshop Tutorials Case channels plucked out of the woods complex example



  This tutorial focuses on using Photoshop Channel Mixer tool to give a twig matting picture, there are many ways matting, matting such method is to use the Channel Mixer to adjust the channel does matting method.Because it involves the passage of people just started a little difficult, I will have time to talk with you the knowledge of the channel.


  利用Photoshop通道抠出复杂的树林教程    29教程网

  Create inverting adjustment layer, the effect is as:

  Inversion command may be a luminance value of each pixel in the image are converted to values on the opposite color value 256, thereby creating negative effect.We can see from the effect inverted, the sky and raw materials showed a more consistent tone, appear white branches of trees, branches and background colors have been preliminary separation, which have created the conditions for us to do next.


  New Channel Mixer adjustment layer, check Monochrome.Reducing the red channel, green and blue output channels increases, thereby further separating the sky hue and woods.


  Add a Levels adjustment layer, difference in color tone enhanced, so that the image becomes dark black to white light.


  Press ALT + CTRL + ~, loading selection highlight, select woods.Double-click the background layer to unlock, click the Add Layer Mask button.Then tell all the adjustment layers are hidden.To give an effect.


  Just change the background


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