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Use Photoshop tool palette to quickly pull the hair of the white foundation course



  And the tone scale curve (qū xiàn) panel is provided with a set of tools consists of three straw, representatives from left to right: black, gray field, white field, is shown in our dark portion, midtones and highlights.Pipette the white color when a certain point, this system will gradation values between all colors become white white.

  This tutorial is the use of this feature to quickly matting.Process: first with constituency (xuǎn qū) control the range, if the picture (tú piàn) background color is uniform do not need constituency (xuǎn qū).Levels then curve or (qū xiàn) in the white of the background to white flash, a conversion can not be used multiple times.By late passage like body cutout, mixed with the modified or replace the background mode.



  final effect


  1, the characters and background material is opened, the background material layer onto the above figures, the characters and the layer one copy, move to the top layer, as in FIG..



  2, the rectangular marquee tool and select the right part of the background copy layer, then performing: image (tú xiàng)> Toner> Levels, is provided on the right side panel to select the white eyedropper, point disposed at a position shown in FIG White field (both the white hair and the details shall prevail).


  3, the menu selection: Select> Inverse, and then select the menu: Image (tú xiàng)> Adjustments> Levels, pipette select the white color of the position shown in the FIG..


  4, the current layer blending mode to "multiply", as shown below.


  5, the background layer and then copy the layer, and move the top layer, then add layer mask, as shown below.


  6, on a background copy 2 layer mask, black (hēi sè) hair brush along the edges of characters and background clashes.


  final effect:


  29 tutorial network to remind you, this tutorial has ended!

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