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Use Photoshop to pull the hair mask easy and simple tutorial



  Posted at 2007-9-15 18:55 use Photoshop mask (Mask) easy and simple (jiǎn dān) to pull the hair

  Author: If there is no source of his poems: PS photo processing network Tutorial Forum: http: //

  Poetry mom came out of the tutorial, and also for a long time not a tutorial, Oh ~!!

  Now a lot of mothers have to worry about how to pull the hair, and now I believe we are all in this tutorial helpful!!!






  1, first open the photo and background image in PS


  2, and then copy the picture layer, copy the two layers were locked layer


  3, the background copy, the layer mode to, Multiply


  4, and then add a background copy 2 Mask


  5, filled black (hēi sè) (Executive Editor - Fill - Black (hēi sè)), and then with a brush (to select white) smear (Note that if the white foreground color), then the portrait out, hand flick Do not be afraid of the painted with black (hēi sè) brush repair OK,!!!



  6, after the outline drawn characters, and then dragged into the background layer go to note here is the order of the layers



  Okay, so OK!!!

  Hope you learn (xué xí) lose fast, poetry mom will continue after the tutorial!!!

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  29 tutorial network to remind you, this tutorial has ended!

  === === tutorial material prompted to open ps, follow the tutorial to do it again, do renderings can: submit jobs.Tutorials have not read where you can post questions to the forum: ps help

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