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Use Photoshop to make snowflakes animation wonderful examples



  Author: Jan Tiange being good students! Without further ado, now school. Effect snow, snow can be silk, it can be snow, snow particles may also be, or even a group of snow.Different effects, methods of production are not the same, I want to say the following, basically snow plus snow grains.I compared what some effect, this effect is fairly realistic feel. 1, open a background in PS.Note that this image (tú piàn) is "sunny" in.(Figure 1)


  (FIG. 1) 2, select Image (tú piàn), then "Edit / Copy".(FIG. 2)


  (FIG. 2) 3, shown in Figure 3, clicking the "channel", to create a new channel, The screen dark.


  (FIG. 3) 4, "Edit / Paste", as an off-screen image (tú xiàng).(E.g. 4)


  (FIG. 4) 5, point "Filter / artistic effect / particle film" dialog box appears, where the value of self-regulation may be tried, and observe the changes in the left side of the screen.Recommended values shown in FIG. 5, after determining good tune. [转载]用Photoshop打造雪花纷飞 (FIG. 5) 6, point "select / load selection (xuǎn qū)", the dialog box appears, determined.Note that, at the passage of Alhpa 1.(FIG. 6)


  (FIG. 6) 7, "Edit / Copy".(FIG. 7)


  (FIG. 7) 8, as shown in Figure 8, back to "layer", and select the background layer.


  (8) 9, "Edit / Paste", you will see that the layer above the background and the emergence of a seemingly transparent layer.(FIG. 9)


  (9) 10, well, by means of the above, goes on "sunny women meeting" of great pictures (tú piàn), and so this becomes a pattern, as 10.


  (10) snow, snowy sky, of course, should be off the ground with snow, blue sky day green flowery and large snowflakes flying, it is very strange, we do not give Dou''e map. So, more than a few steps, it is to give the previous figures cast a stationary snow, that is semi-transparent layer.You can try this eye next to the layer switch off and then on, you will understand. If your background has always been the snow, then I need to do to give it a layer of snow, Ouyang hard not to say, we do for myself than the total natural.So, you can skip to step 11 from step 1. Of course, if you just like snow under blue sky day, you can jump, no one would dare tube. 11, the new, filled with black (hēi sè), 11.How to fill, on her own, should not not.


  (FIG. 11) 12, point "Filter / Noise / Add Noise" dialog box appears, the amount to maximum, it is determined.(12)


  (FIG. 12) 13, then "Filter / other / Custom" dialog box appears, as shown in FIG fill value 13.


  (FIG. 13) 14, as shown in FIG point "image (tú xiàng) / adjusted / inverted" image (tú xiàng) 14 black. [转载]用Photoshop打造雪花纷飞 (FIG. 14) 15, a cut in the FIG., Adhered to the background.Cut the piece, not too small, not too large, almost a quarter of background on it.Why it is, needless to say, and so after you''re done, you will understand.Meanwhile, as shown in FIG. 15, the background of the frame outwardly widening. Widening frame, you will, is not?But why should pull it, you certainly do not understand, do not worry, look down.


  (FIG. 15) 16, an enlarged paste piece (you may say not enlarged), which is the lower right corner of the background image (tú piàn) aligned to the upper left corner which exceeds background, width and height are beyond 1-2 cm on it.(16)

  Now you understand why it should widen the frame?You do not widen beyond easy to see how much.

  This step is critical, this is magnified paste layer, layer of snow is, after the flying snow, in fact, make it a ghost.


  (FIG. 16)

  17, right-click on the layer and select "Blending Options" dialog box appears, in "mixed mode" at the drop-down, choose "color" to determine.(17)


  (FIG. 17)

  18, after a series of processing, picture (tú piàn) presents the following effects can be clearly seen, with snow on the screen.(18)


  (FIG. 18)

  Ok now, it has been a step in PS (yǐ jīng) complete.But this snow is not our ultimate goal, our intention is to snow flying, it is something else, must continue to work hard.

  But the teacher is very busy, but also a little tired, rest day.Students use this time to consolidate what they have learned about the above, and then with full enthusiasm, positive attitude, spirit of hard work to meet new challenges!

  (Recess in .)

  came back!

  How about the students, have been talking about (yǐ jīng) mastered it?That we continue.

  19, go to IR in.(This is not to say do not turn)

  19, point "Copy the current frame.".


  (Figure 19)

  20, with the move tool to drag "snow layer", moving to lower right, upper left corner which is aligned with the background, release the mouse.(FIG. 20)


  (FIG. 20)

  Note: When you drag the "snow layer", it has become dark, so it is easy to see its location; if not darken, it is your mistake, you look at the right side of the "Layers" "snow layer" is activated, if not, select it again and again.

  It should be noted that if you do not want snow Xiepiao, then do not drag to the bottom right corner, directly drag down, then top with the background image is aligned so that the final effect is the snow in straight sets, rather than you understand?

  21, as shown in point "transition" in Figure 21, a dialog box appears, fill in the figures in the "frame to be added," where, do not have too many five or six frames on the list, determine the.


  (Figure 21)

  22, click "Play", if it snows up, indicating that you are successful, you must be very happy, teacher naturally happy, congratulations.

  There step, do not forget that the delay time.You see, as a snowflake, they end up too fast, slow down a bit so that only the feeling of floating yo.

  I chose 0.2 seconds, you just tune, do not let stop in mid-air like.How to get talked about last time, I hope you did not forget.

  Everything is running again, "the optimization results are stored as" to save.

  The final effect is so :( 22)


  (FIG. 22)

  After-school thinking: Snow on the chart is floating from the northwest to the southeast, then, if you want it drifting southwest from the northeast, how do?

  Homework: Make a map.

  Three months ago, the teacher said, "Let the word picture (tú piàn) on the move", stood out fine, so this time some of the details only in passing, without making Detailed.Do not understand where you can consult a thing I read old text, you can also ask questions.

  In short, we hope we can learn.

  Christmas is coming, do yourself a unique view of snow for a friend, you must be a very happy thing.

  goodbye students!

  29 tutorial network to remind you, this tutorial has ended!

  === === tutorial material prompted to open ps, follow the tutorial to do it again, do renderings can: submit jobs.Tutorials have not read where you can post questions to the forum: ps help

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