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Use Photoshop to help add neon effects photo tutorial photo processing




  The final image (photo using Photoshop to help add neon effects photo manipulation tutorials)

  Today we will make a 1980s-style poster, with a pair of glowing neon devil angle above!We not only by combining different "layer mode" and "adjustment layer" to create a vivid, life-lighting, but also use these same techniques to generate a shadow to reveal its true purpose.

  Is this your tutorial assets required to complete this tutorial.

  Fashion model child "Brandy" font

  1.How to build the background First, we will create a very simple "scan line" Background.

  Step 1 First, create a new document in a 2277 x 3155 px.

  Create a "color fill" adjustment layer, and fill it with # 09080d soft dark blue.

  Step 2 Next, 17 x 5 pixels to open a new document.

  Because of our canvas is small, so very, very close to enlarge.

  Having a size of 2-4 pixels hard brush, drawing four rows from right to left, leaving a clear line at the left end, the following colors:

  # 482f4a soft pastel purple red # 6d3742 soft pastel blue violet # 353661 # 482f4a create a vertical pattern


  FIG upper enlarged 3200%.The third step is to "Edit"> "Define Pattern", will be named "vertical line scanning", and then press OK.

  Go to Image> Image Rotation> rotated counterclockwise 90 °.

  Turning again to "Edit"> "Define Pattern", which was named as "horizontal scanning line", and then press OK.

  Therefore, we created two new models!

  The fourth step back to our original canvas to create a "hatch" layer, and use the "horizontal" pattern newly created.

  Create another "hatch" layer, and performs the same operation as "vertical line" pattern.

  The two pattern layers are set to 19% Opacity.


  The scan lines set the layer opacity to 19 Step 5. To complete the background, create a new layer.

  Using the Gradient tool from the beginning to the middle bottom of the canvas to create a dark blue canvas # 09080d to transparent gradient.

  All the background layer grouped into a new group and name it "background".


  Create a dark blue gradient 2.How to create a neon Next, we will continue to introduce one of the main functions of the image: Neon!

  Step 1 First, a "custom shapes" tool and create a transparent filler 17 px white stroke big diamond.Size should be 1500 x 1900 pixels.

  Copy diamonds, and reduce it to half the original diamond.

  Repeat the last step again, making a total of three diamonds.


  Create three diamond Step 2 Next, add to the first outer layer style emitting a diamond.Please refer to the following settings:

  Mixed Mode: Screen Opacity: 100 Color: bright purple # 9230ff size: 136


  Now add outer glow, other diamonds in two right-click> Copy Layer Style, right-click> Paste Layer Style, so that they have the same luminosity.


  The third step is to copy and paste outer glow copy it three diamonds, a replica of the original placed on top of the diamond, then right-click> Clear Layer Style, copy all three diamonds.Then merge duplicate entries, three for us to retain a pure white diamond design.

  Right-click> Paste Layer Style to a copy of the new combined diamond.

  Enter "External Glow" layer style and "size" is changed to 29.This is to further enhance the light emitting.


  The fourth step is to add luster diamond To create color effects, please copy diamond previously copied and merged.

  And the light-emitting layer pattern into its "size" is changed from 29 to 50.

  New copies, and then merge the two layers together.This will be two luminescent, making them more strongly!

  The new copy of the diamond above all the current layer, and the layer mode to "screen".

  Double-click the newly merged diamond layer to open the "Layer Style" panel.

  Go to the channel, and then uncheck the "B".

  The Layer 3 px to the right, and rename it to "Chromatic Yellow".


  Step 5 Copy increase color "yellow" layer, and rename the "blue".

  Double-click the "Chromatic Blue" layer, open the "Layer Style" panel.Select "B", then uncheck the "R".

  The "blue color" layer 6 moves pixels to the left.


  Add blue color Step 6 Create a new layer.

  Using a flow rate of 1% No. circular soft brush to add some light reflected at the corners of the diamond.In the corner of the diamond coated with some of the Star of David.


  Painting six Star Step 7 Create a new layer and set it to Soft Light.

  Use very large soft round brush, painted white, white spots in the lower part of the canvas.


  8 Create a new layer is added and soft light is provided so as to cover the step of.

  Using the same white brush, more light can be drawn in the middle of the canvas, and draw on the small spot-shaped design Mitsubishi.


  Add the harsh step 9 covers the light and create a new layer disposed to cover.

  Using the same brush, painted black on the upper portion of the canvas (including corners).

  All neon images are grouped together, and name it "diamond".


  Add black contrast 3.How to create a smoky eye effect now, we will continue to deal with our main theme, focus on her eye makeup!

  Step 1. First of all, let''s use your favorite method of cutting and extraction model.Since we do not have to worry extract any fur, clothing or hair, it is absolutely possible to use any method!

  The model in the middle of the canvas, showing her body from the waist up.


  The model creates the following three adjusting layer is placed and cut the intermediate layer model canvas Step 2:

  The opacity gradient 55% black and white drawing layer brightness / contrast level: -27 brightness and contrast curves layer 100:


  Curve setting


  Color correction adjustment layer model of the third step Next, we will only use adjustment layers to create a dark makeup effects!

  Create a gradient map from black to white, and cut all over the previous adjustment layer to the model.

  Click the gradient map layer mask, and then press Control-I which reverses to black.

  Use a soft, round brush set to white mask, until the eyebrows, the eyes beneath a number of black and white areas around the eyes.


  Among the fourth step was added around the eyes to create the brightness / contrast layer above all other layers and cutting it to the model.Setting the brightness and contrast -50 -104.

  Press Control-I will be inverted to black layer mask.

  Again with a soft white brush in some dark place around the eyes covered, until the eyebrows, cheeks and then to top.The deep tone down a little better than black and white.In addition, at the bottom of her nose add a little.


  Step 5 darkens the skin around the eyes to create a "curve" adjustment layer and cut to the model; all the other above placed layers cropped.set up:


  Curve layout setting Press Control-I will be inverted to black layer mask.

  Again, use a soft white brush, with black and white in the same general area, the part of the black mask back in place.We want a "smoky eye" effect.


  Increase dark smoke makeup effects Step 6 to create another brightness / contrast layer and cut into the model.Setting: Brightness -104.

  Press Control-I will be inverted to black layer mask.

  Use the same white brush, but now the flow is 1%, subtle painting in her dark outside eyes, cheeks and nose around in.We do not want it like her dark eyes.


  The cheeks and forehead darkened Step 7 Create a "curve" adjustment layer and cut into our model.set up:


  Curve set eyes and nose by Control-I will be inverted to black layer mask.

  A soft round brush (set to white) in the eye and nose mask some of the red-purple.


  Painted the color of the eyes and nose.8 Create a new layer in Photoshop to help add neon effects photo tutorial photo processing steps and cut to the model.

  Use a large, soft round brush, hair coated top and bottom of the model to pure black.

  Finally, create a layer and cut to the model.

  Now, using a very small hard round brush, draw pure white highlights on the hair of the model and her shoulders.You can also add some soft lines, but in most cases, we want to rough white line can almost make her look very vivid.


  The hair dye layers all models are grouped together, and the group name "Model".


  So far in the current layer 4.How to make a starry effect Next, we will give our models one pair of starry demonic eyes!

  Step 1 Create a new layer.

  Use set to black filled rigid round brush eye.

  The layer opacity to 50%.


  Black eye "custom shapes" tool, placed in the white star-shaped model pupil intermediate step 2 using.The opacity of the stars set to 36%.


  Create a star pupil on the Add Layer Mask to the stars, and then press Control-I reverse it.

  Using a small soft brush circular, cover some of the edges and intermediate the stars.If you encounter a problem, "Brush Flow" may be set to 5% in order to help cover up the extent of control again.


  The third step is to copy a star a star to cover up and remove its layer mask.

  Layer mode is set to 83% opacity soft.

  Add a new "layer mask", and then use the semi-hard round "brush" to cover the highest point of the star, because it eyelid shadow will hide it.


  Place the second superimposed star same procedure was repeated on the right eye!


  The fourth step in order to make the end of eye eyes more glory, we will add more light to make them really stand out.Create a new layer and set it to cover.

  With a large, soft round brush brushed onto each eye white.The opacity of the layer is set to 47%.

  Finally, a hard round brush with a small number of high-Videos light on the eye, similar to hair highlights.Draw a line on the eyelids and eyelashes to make them really popular.


  Adding layers eye highlights all grouped together, and then rename the group "eyes".


  So far in the current layer 5.How to create a neon font Next, we want to typeset!

  Step 1 font "Brandine", respectively, type the word "Satanic" and "Panic".We want them on different layers.Align them, similar to the way you see below.


  Step 2 font placed outside the light emitting layer style applied to the text two.The following settings:

  Blend Mode: Screen Opacity: 100 color: bright purple # 9230ff size: 70


  Add outer glow


  The third step is to add glow text Next, we will add some color diamond almost the same way in the text.

  Copy the "Satan" and "Pan Nike" and repeat the above text in the original text.

  Right-click> Rasterize type, right-click> Rasterize Layer Style, then right-click> Merge Layers.

  The layer styles set to "screen" and rename it to "color blue text.".

  Double-click the "color blue text" to open the "Layer Style" panel, and then uncheck the "R".

  The "Chromatic Blue Text" layer to the right 2 px, moved downward 2 px.

  By Go to Filter> Blur> Gaussian blur to add blur.The radius is set to 5 pixels.


  Add blue color Step Four Now we''ll add some yellow color by copying the "color blue text" layer.

  Rename the layer "color yellow text".

  Double-click the "color yellow text" to open the "Layer Style" panel.Select "R", then uncheck the "B".

  The "color yellow text" pixel layer 10 moves upward, moving 5 pixels to the right.


  Add all text yellow color layers are grouped together, and the group named "Text.".


  So far in the current layer 6.How to draw a neon Next, we will focus on the main features of the poster: neon angle!

  Step 1 You can set violet purple # 5132c0 hard round brush for painting horns, but for those who do not like the painting, using the polygon tool box is a wonderful trick!

  Create a new layer, and create a marquee tool using polygons curved, sharp "C" shaped, or any other selected angular shapes!

  The lasso tool part connected to the rounded corner of the forehead.Do not worry it is perfectly round; in any case, you will not see a bottom corner in the final.

  Grab all the brush, and painted in the selection of some violet purple # 5132c0.


  Videos left corner to create a second horn, the horn, or create another repeat, inverted horn and shrink the existing layer, and then move it to the other side of the forehead.


  Copy to the left speaker Step 2 using the following settings to add two outer corners emission:

  Mixed Mode: Screen Opacity: 26% Color: Purple Purple # 5132c0 size: 250 pixels


  Add luster to a new speaker shear layers on both corners, and the angle of the lower half of pure white painted.

  The two layers are set to horn Screen.


  The third step is to set the horn to the screen to create a new layer above the layer of horn.

  Large round, soft brush, painted white in a position intersecting angle forehead.Thus, the angle will be integrated into the forehead.We hope that the whole area is pure white.

  Create a new layer, and a soft round brush using medium (1% of the flow) to draw a new six-point star from the white plotted.

  All current horn layer (including white) packet, and named "horn".


  Adding glw to the bottom of the speaker fourth step Next, we''ll add some details speaker.

  Create a new layer and set it to cover.

  Return to the horns folder, and hold down the Control key and right-click the left horn layer, the shape of the left corner to create a selection.

  Now, add a layer mask to the new layer.This will create the shape of the left corner of the layer mask.

  Small hard white circular brush in some detail / line / ridge to the left corner sketches.Layer mask will help keep the lines clear and included in the horn shape.

  Create a new layer and use the same technique to add some shadows.I will shadow layer to 33% opacity.


  Adding detail to the left corner repeating the above steps to add detail to the right angle.


  Adding to the right corner detaisl Step 5 Next, we will create the effect of a light beam from the corner, which is according to our angular shape created by using custom brushes completed!

  Create a new document to a size large enough to fit our left-hand corner - in a short time we will be cut to the exact size, the size does not really matter.As long as it is large enough to.

  Drag and drop the left corner of the layer to a new document, make sure the layer mode is set to "normal", and cut it to the correct size.

  Remove all layer styles, and become pure black horn.


  Create a horn brush Step 6 Go to "Edit"> "Define Brush" and then click "OK".

  Return to the main file, create a new layer, and the layer to Screen.

  Select the "Brush Tool", select brush our newly created, then go to the "Window"> "Brush Settings" to open the "Brush Settings" panel.

  The "pitch" is set to 1%, the "flow rate" is set to 1%.Set the color to soft pink # b3838d.

  The angular alignment with the brush, and in a downwardly inclined manner by painting.


  Brush step increase of light emitted from the horn 7 select the "brush settings" sloshing operation panel "Flip X" to flip the brush, reduced size, substantially the same until the right corner, and then draw the same.

  You do not need to be straight down, nor will perfectly aligned brush with horn.This is to experiment and do you think is the perfect choice for the best!

  Layer opacity is reduced to 85%.


  Create a new layer is applied with a brush to the right light-step horn 8 and set Screen.

  Use very large soft round brush, painted light blue # b3838d at the top of the horn.

  The layer opacity to 70%.


  Add soft blue Step 9 to return to the level we draw beam thereon with a brush to create and copy.

  The replica was placed over the blue light, then the layer is set to "cover".

  Add Layer Mask> "beam to copy, then using a large round brush, soft beam mask the lower half.

  The replication layer, and then cover more, so that the light emitting portion of a top corner of the strongest.


  Add harsh white light Step 10. To organize your horn, create a "curve" adjustment layer.set up:


  Curve adjustment settings press Control-I curve inversion layer mask and make it black.

  Use large, soft round brush painted white in the middle of the corner, and drag down.

  The layers are grouped together all of the horn, including "Horns" group, which is grouped into a new group, and name it "Horns".


  So far Layer 7.How to achieve the effect of color retro 80''s we are in the final stages!Now, all we have to do is to finish tied with retro stuff.

  We will do this by using several different adjustment layers (precisely seven).Which are arranged sequentially from first to last, which means that each new layer will be located above the last layer.

  They have been grouped in the "CC" group, and with the color and number, so you will not get lost!

  Step 1 color lookup abstraction layer :() Opacity 36% pastel shades.Find a color device link layer :() Opacity 35% of RedBlueYellow.Color lookup layer: (3DLUT file) Opacity 33% FoggyNight.Double-click the layer to open its color lookup "layer style" panel.The underlying set content you see below.Tip: Hold down the Alt key, then click and drag to switch separately.


  Set the bottom


  Was added before adjustment layer 3 Step 2 Now, a second batch of adjustment layer!

  Channel mixer layer: +129 red, green and blue -45 -5.Curve layer:


  Curve layer is provided the use of large, soft round brush, intermediate canvas cover to create vignette.


  Add the two adjusting layer The third step is the last group of the last adjustment layer!

  Find abstraction layer :( color) Opacity 61% of turquoise dark brown.FallColors at (3DLUT file) opacity to 50%: Find a color layer.


  Add adjustment layer we have completed the final!Use Photoshop to help add neon effects photo tutorial photo processing


  As we learned here as a very wide use adjustment layers, can be used for anything from the dark, vulgar makeup to vivid neon.Always take the time to try different colors, shapes and settings - this effect is no "wrong way"!

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