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Use Photoshop to grow old photographs




  The final image (using Photoshop to change people''s photo-aging effect)

  Time is the most important balancer, the passage of youth, beauty fade away.With age, it will undergo a predictable pattern.Around the eyes, mouth, and forehead wrinkles formed.Darkening of the skin, blotches.Gravity eventually prevailed on not as tight and angry former cheek.The rest of the face after stopping the activity, nose and ears continue to grow.Eyes tend to sink back to its nest, the thinning of the hair, back and gradually turn white.

  Each of which can be simulated through some Photoshop tricks of these symptoms.So, if you are curious appearance after decades of you or your friends, this tutorial will show you how to add portrait facial expressions.

  1.Gather resources aging process is predictable, so we can add photos of young people actually use the resources of the elderly photo.The key is to find photos of older models have similar facial features of a young model.Looking for something similar ethnicity, bone structure and body shape.

  Portrait of a young man


  Portrait of a handsome young man then, we will use this picture as a gentleman of the old rifles effect of resources.

  The old gentleman


  Portrait of a kind old man 2.Cloning and cure before the function look older, "repair" or repair may seem counterintuitive.But it really makes sense.For decades we can not see small cuts or bruises or years later.Push back hairline also need these tools, because we need to copy the forehead skin area.

  Step 1 Open the image of young people.We do not want to edit directly on the background layer, so go to the "Layer"> "New"> "copy of a copy Layers" (Control-J) to create a copy.Then grab the spot healing brush tool (J), and then deal with scratches on the right model.


  He scratches removal step 2 on the back of the eye to create the hairline, the hair on its forehead needs to be removed.Use Lasso Tool (L) create a rough selection around the fringe.Then set the Content-Aware Patch Tool (J).The selected area by dragging the forehead down to the area to sample from the skin and effectively remove hair.

  If you are not satisfied with the first attempt, try other smaller selection, and then continue to use the Patch Tool, until the desired result.


  Remove the bangs to create a back hairline 3.The impact of structural changes time has changed our faces.These changes not only wrinkles.There are subtle structural changes.Ear nose and more pronounced, sunken eyes, neck and jaw to reduce the proportion of all skin showed many years of gravity.The best way to mimic these effects in Photoshop that liquefied filter.

  Step 1 liquefaction filter has a lot of work to do, do not expect to be able to make it perfect the first time.After the initial application, almost always require some modification.Thus, as an intelligent filter which is advisable.Go to Layer> Smart Objects> Convert to Smart Object.Then go to the "Filter"> "liquefy" to start the liquefaction function, and check the "Advanced Mode" option.


  Liquefied filter operating as an intelligent filter Step 2 using the expansion tool (B) and the brush tip size to just less than the nose.Just a few clicks, you can gently spherical form in the nose.


  The expansion tool on the tip of the third step is slightly reduced size of the brush and slightly swollen ears, especially the left ear, as it is more obvious.Be careful not to accidentally pushed into the side of the head and distorting effects.This can be cumbersome, so please take a moment and gently work.


  Step 4 Using the expansion tool to increase the size of the ear is now switched to crumpling (S), and increase the size to match the brush eyelet.Just a few clicks on each eye to reduce the size of the eye.This will help to make them look more depressed.


  Step 5 fold using the tool to switch to the forward deformation tools (W) on the eye, the mouth and the reduced size of the brush size to one-third.Then to tighten the lips by pushing the lower edge of the lower lip is pressed down on the lip and ridge.If the deformation looks too irregular, use the "Smooth" tool to help eliminate distortion.


  The forward deformation tightening tool 6 is increased step forward lip brush size modification means (W), and the pulling jaw "corner" so that the shape of the face straighten.Then launch the edge of the neck is slightly thicker.Remember smoothed, if necessary.


  Adjust the chin and neck lines Step 7 Now, grab the cheek below the eye large and fleshy part, then gently pull down.It is easy to slack area and form a unique fold, the edge of the mouth of the connection to both sides of the nose.


  Step 8 cheek down to create more fine hairline, the hair needs to be pushed outward line intersecting the forehead, while the profile of the hair will be pushed inwardly BACKGROUND.

  Use the left push tool (O) to complete this operation.The work tool is pushed to the left pixel when the tool moves upwards, whereas when the tool moves downwardly to push the right pixel.Thus, for internal hairline, start from the bottom left corner, and then traced back to the right.For the outside edge, please go in the opposite direction.


  Click OK to apply the liquefied filter.Many of these small changes together constitute one already looks quite old faces.This is more work before and after liquefaction image.


  4.After the completion of the structure of hair and skin changes, which turned his attention to the hair and the skin.As people age, the cumulative effects of the weather began to change its characteristic color.Shallow dark hair, light skin black.This is a fascinating tone balancing act.For our project, fortunately, Photoshop really good at changing the tone value!

  Step 1 Go to Select> Color Range, and then select the option to change the color.The "ambiguity" is set to 50, then press OK. Photoshop create a selection based on the color of the skin.This selection is far from perfect, but it can serve as a solid starting point.


  Step 2 Add color selecting a hue / saturation adjustment layer. Photoshop will automatically use the currently selected as the adjustment layer mask.Select the "coloring" option, the "hue" is set to 23, the "saturation" is set to 30, the "Brightness" is set to 30.The mixed mode adjustment layer is changed to "Multiply" and "opacity" is reduced to 70%.


  Saturation skin darkening third step click the layer mask thumbnail to make sure it is the active entity, then use the "soft round brush" clean Mask.Coated with black paint necklace, hair and eyes and other regions, in order to eliminate the hue / saturation effect in these areas.Then use white paint to add effects to the shadow beneath the chin in.


  Some brush with the mask fixed fourth step coloring his lips look redder, but actually make them less saturated age,.Use the Quick Selection tool (W) to create a selection around his lips.Add another "Hue / Saturation" adjustment layer, and then on the screen using the adjusted sampling tools and adjustment of saturation lips.

  Alternatively, you can change the channel to red, and the hue is set to +6, saturation is set to -17, the brightness is set to 0.


  Saturation adjustment lips Step 5 using the Quick Selection tool (W) to create a selection around in his hair and eyebrows.Then press the "Refine Edge" button and check "Smart Radius" option.The "radius" is set to 10 pixels, the "edge shift" is set to -30%.


  Select hair Step 6 Add another Hue / Saturation adjustment layer.The selected content will be automatically added as a layer mask.Then the "saturation" is set to -89, the "Brightness" is set to 3.This will become light gray hair.


  Adjust the hair color Step 7 Hold down the Control key and click again to select the hair mask area.Then go to Layer "liquefy" and then use the "Layer"> "New"> "Duplicate Layer via Copy" (Control-J), only his hair to create layers.This layer to the top of the stack, and then the mixing mode to "screen".Then use the "layers"> "Create Clipping Mask" (Alt-Control-G) to be clipped to the adjustment layer.


  Create hair patch layer (the pictures of people using Photoshop aging effect change) image by going to step 8> Adjustments> Hue / Saturation (Control-U), to adjust the hair color and brightness patch layer.The "saturation" is set to -48, the "Brightness" is set to -72.


  Using saturation adjustment step to dilute the color of the hair to return to the mask 9 on the hair color adjusting layer.Use a small soft round brush and carefully smooth the edges, so that the transition to gray hair will not be so sudden.In order to obtain realistic results, use a small brush along a single hair length, rather than the entire length of the hair to paint.


  Touch layer mask case, the image should look like this.He already looks older, but we have not even begun to increase wrinkles or age spots!


  Progress so far has seemed relatively old 5.Wrinkle skin wrinkles is the most visible face of years there have been signs.Where they appear in the facial muscles recurring cause skin squashed.This is often in the eye and forehead outside the most obvious.

  Step 1 Open a good portrait of the elderly, and Tool Lasso (Lasso) select the next wrinkles around the eyes and below.Go to "Edit"> "Copy" (Control-C).


  Step 2 wrinkles copy elderly face portrait of switching back to young people, and then go to the "Edit"> "Paste" (control -V), paste the selected region as a new layer.The moving parts in place, then go to the "Edit"> "Transform"> "deformation", the part is then deformed to fit the new surface contour.


  Step Go Image> Adjustments> desaturation (Control-Shift-U), the color layer to remove wrinkles.Then change the blending mode to Soft Light (although "overlay" mode makes it work).


  To remove wrinkles skin layer a fourth step match, go to "Image"> "Adjust"> "levels", and then pulled inwardly to conform to the external handle histograms.And, more importantly, to adjust the "output level" handle.Pulling them toward the center, Match highlights and shadows skin wrinkles young until Portrait.


  Usage levels to help match the color step 5 using the "layers"> "Layer Mask"> "Show All" to add a layer mask.Then, a black paint is coated on the mask soft circular brush lightly coated significant joint or any other artifacts.


  Skin layers using the mask further fusion step 6 use the same procedure to add wrinkles at the corner portion of the other eye.


  7 Next, in the same manner as the other eye, the eyelid wrinkles increase step.When mixed wrinkling of debris, be careful not to cover the eyelashes.


  Eyelids wrinkles increase step 8 use the same wrinkles in the nose and eyebrows.If the choice seems inappropriate, please feel free to be broken down into two different options.


  Brow wrinkles increase step 9 to the forehead wrinkles effect is next target.Large piece of land can do this to create a bald forehead.


  Forehead wrinkles to add your own Step 10 Remove each cheek, they also create wrinkles effect.


  Add 11 moves to step chin cheek wrinkles, and the wrinkles of the skin in the region to be added.


  Add wrinkled chin step 12 even though there is not much ear wrinkles show, but it has a unique texture of the skin, the age can be displayed.In reference to the photo, the other ear is to provide the best possible copy area, and therefore the level of need flip.


  Increase skin texture ears 13 steps followed by a neck region.No signs of neck wrinkles, sagging skin and no rude.


  Use old sample photos to adjust the neck area Therefore, after completion of all skin patch, your image should look similar to this.


  6.Finishing effect at this point, the portrait looks decidedly old.However, we can eventually use some techniques to further promote it.

  Step 1 Add a new layer, and then go to the "Edit"> "fill" (Shift-F5).Content to 50% gray, then press OK.The change is then mixed to "overlay", and the opacity to 50%.This layer serves as dodging and burning layer.Use the Burn Tool (O) to track along the deep folds of wrinkles, and use the Dodge Tool (O) reduce wrinkles.


  Use dodge and deepened wrinkles combustion stratum Step 2 copy another selected from the forehead of the elderly, to focus on increasing age spots on the skin of young.This time, use the "darkening" mixed mode and layer masks to draw unwanted areas of the layer.


  Adding a third step of senile plaques in the same forehead, under the eyes of the increasing age of the point along the ridge cheeks.


  Increasing age spots on the cheeks Shift- fourth step to select all the individual layers of wrinkles.Then hold down the Alt key and go to the "Layers"> "Merge Layers" (Control-E) to create wrinkles Merge Layers.Mixed mode set this soft layer.This will have a very severe wrinkles / skin aging effects.


  Create a merged copy of all layers of wrinkles Step 5 by going to the "layers"> "Layer Mask"> "Hide All" to complete the shielding effect.Then using a soft brush with a circular white paint on the mask, the effect will be applied in other areas of soft and skin wrinkles is too smooth, such as the skin around the ridge cheeks and throat.


  Cover the effects and re-painted to select the area only!Congratulations, you''re done!You have the human portrait of digital adds years!Use Photoshop to change people''s photo-aging effects


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