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Use Photoshop to create three-dimensional stage effects Tutorials



  final effect:

  利用Photoshop打造立体舞台效果 29教程网

  Source Analysis:

  Is a perspective top sides of the stage lighting is provided, in order to stereoscopic projection, the light must exhibit a three relationships plane direction from the light source.As shown below:


  Production steps:

  1, Ctrl + N a new size of the canvas 1200x600px;


  2, the light source shown in FIG opening of the analysis, we first plane geometry to build a solid composition of;

  By methods of resolution, we get: 2 + 3 hexagon quadrilateral;

  Selected toolbar on the left → → polygon tool rectangle tool, the top tool options → number of sides, the number of required input side can create a quadrangle, a hexagon, according to the space near the far smaller parallel and perspective relationship graph node adjusted to give stage model we want results as shown below.


  3, do light and dark relationships;

  Select Layer Panel → Add layer style, for each surface geometry of the soft mode to make a mixed gradient overlay layer style, the gradation value of each face relation perspective adjusted accordingly, results as shown below.


  4, to strengthen refinement light, a backlight, reflective, the relationship between each face of the ambient light, and enhance a sense of three-dimensional stage;

  The center of the stage receiving surface, the backlight surface, choose to create a new layer, use the brush tool to draw part of the stage lighting and the dark part in the layer, the layer of soft selection effect, enhance dark contrast, several other surface similar treatment effect.


  5, a projection mesa added;

  By adding too uniform layer style projection, where we also choose to create a new layer, use the brush tool to draw stage projection on the layer, the layer of select Multiply effect, emphasis processing operation described above is repeated at a front end a projection ,Results as shown below.


  6, a superimposition pattern stage, to enhance its quality;


  7, add details in light and dark cracks at the junction of the stage, pay attention to these small details of the relationship between light and dark treatment;

  Select the pen tool toolbar on the left → → shape pattern, cracks shading stage in accordance with the trend of the boundary line drawn, in order to catch the foot is recessed cracks, added layer styles → projection of the shadow rendering graphics good.


  8, as described above, add some cracks in the center of the stage, to enhance the sense of the weight of the text;

  Light-receiving surface cracks located here, chiaroscuro relatively weakened, add a layer mask on the rift, the rift in the distance fade.


  9, adding to the stage to do three-dimensional characters and top lighting, to create a glittering ambience, add some appropriate spot spot effects to mention gas, particular attention to strengthening the text at the bottom of the contrast of light and shadow;


  10. Finally, relevant to our theme this month carnival material, a gift of God Ma ah ah gold, finishing touch.The static and dynamic binding material, to make the page more into a sense, you can try.


  After reading the above tirade, you may find a small partner, a bit like why this stage in the box?!Bingo ~ The arena box design and the design of special angles in the structure and approach are similar, so the big guy some day if you encounter a box-like design requirements, left roar multiplier Kazuya ~

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