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Use Photoshop to adjust the parameters of outstanding photo photo tutorial



  Why when you see a beautiful tone photograph, whether in their own regret photographs no such excellent results.Potoshop matching color command provides a remedy to this regrettable shortcut.Like the United States and make it your own photo''s color and image tone seen.This section describes in detail how to operate a photograph of a photograph of another colors and color matches.As shown, the effect of contrast adjustment before and after 1-263.

  Photoshop利用优秀照片参数来调整照片  29教程网

  FIG effect before and after contrast adjustment 1-263

  Technical Note: This section focuses on the use and match the color of command usage.FIG production overview of the present example shown in FIG. 1-264.


  Figure 1-264 Production Overview

  Color Match understand commands: a command to match the color of an image (source image) of the other color image (target image) matches the color of.If you want different colors in the photo match match color using the command could not be better.

  Open any one image, the image color matching → Adjustment → command, open dialog matching color, as shown in FIG 1-265.


  FIG match the color box 1-265

  In the dialog box color matching, you can also directly adjust the target image''s brightness, color intensity and fade effect.1-266 shown in FIG..


  FIG 1-266 adjustment target image

  Production steps

  (1) run Photoshop, execute File → Open command to open the book comes with CD Chapter-01 14 photos.jpg and waterfront sunset.jpg file, as shown in FIG 1-267.


  Figure 1-267 Open the photo image

  (2) activation of 14 characters.jpg file, performing image matching color → Adjustment → command, open dialog matching color, as shown with reference to FIG. 1-268 settings dialog box, as photo image color matching, the effect is as shown in FIG. 1-269.


  FIG match the color box 1-268


  FIG 1-269 matching color effect

  (3) a new layer, using the rectangular marquee tool selection are plotted in the top and bottom of the document is white and filled, and then press the key to cancel the selection, as shown in FIG 1-270.


  Figure 1-270 draw a border image

  (4) to create a drag layer on the bottom of the palette button new layer, Layer 1 to obtain a copy of the layer, pressing the key while clicking a thumbnail replica layer layer, the layers a selection of images loaded and filled with black, and then cancel the selection.

  Add a layer (5) at the bottom of the Layers palette click the Mask button to add a layer mask to the layer 1 copy.Then use the rectangular marquee tool, draw a selection at the top and filled with black, and then move the selection to the right, filled with black, using the same method of operation, making the effect shown in FIG border 1-271.


  Figure 1-271 making border effect

  Tips: Use pen tool to draw a rectangular path, the path followed by the press and copy and paste, and perform a free path conversion command, press copy path horizontal movement, and then press the key, copy the path equidistant.

  (6) Finally add other decorative images and associated text information, to complete the production of the present example, as shown in FIG 1-272.Readers can flip through this book with CD Chapter-01 take advantage of excellent tonal adjustments Photos Photos.PSD file for review.


  Figure 1-272 Complete results

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