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Use Photoshop to add character beautiful angel wings




  The final image (use of Photoshop to add character beautiful angel wings) Dream angel wings

  Today, we will only use a small amount of images to a combination of dramatic and movie-like angel photo effects, so let''s get started!

  In this tutorial, I''ll use Adobe Photoshop CC, but you can also use Photoshop CS6!

  In order to complete this project, we use the following resources:

  Rays and cloud handsome Asian model black eagle wing feathers gold ring smoke texture

  1.How to add bokeh in the background

  Step 1 Today, we will work on canvas of 3887 x 5522 px!

  Download cloudy sky and clouds, for example, this stock ray image, and then greatly enlarged.


  Background Step 2 Go to "Filter"> "fuzzy Gallery"> "field blur" to add our bokeh effect.

  Fuzzy Fuzzy Set field of view: 26 Shallow view pixel: 18% Powder background color: light 13% range: 191-255 freely use these settings!


  The third step blurred background create a new layer set to Soft Light.

  The large, soft white round brush, add some light areas in the clouds.

  Group together all the layers sky, rename "background" group.


  The last layer 2.A person steps on how to synthesize in Photoshop 1 theme (our model handsome Asian stock image) is placed in the middle of the canvas.

  Use your favorite method of extracting theme.I have a pen tool.However, any technology can be.I do recommend the use of the use of "Layer Mask" approach, rather than permanently delete any content or simplified!

  Transparent continuation and temporarily remove objects found in the left side of the face scarf.


  Step 2. To place the model extraction scarves, first copy theme.

  Use a round brush tool scarves hard cover copy objects on the layer mask.

  The theme of the copy layer mode is set to "ride".


  The third step is to create a fabric Image> Adjustments> Hue / Saturation, and then change the setting content you see below.

  Hue / Saturation a colored: Select Hue: 219 Saturation: The fourth step 14 Next, go to the "Image"> "Adjust"> "brightness / contrast", and then adjust the settings as follows.

  Brightness / contrast Brightness Contrast 93: 51, if desired, can use the "smear" or "brush" the edge of the fabric softening tool, to create a finer mix.

  You can also delete or copy topics cover any part of the unwanted.


  Creating cloth Step 5 Create a new layer and cut into the topic, it is set to "overlay".

  Use set to black and white soft circular brush portion and the object to increase the contrast of the metal bracelet.

  In the high light portion painted white, the shadow / light portion painted black low.

  The brush is set to 10% or less of a low flow rate, a slow accumulation of light!


  Step 6 with light to create a new layer, which is provided to soft.

  A soft round brush, in the chest of the subject, the arm and the lower body painted black.

  If desired, the opacity of the layer is reduced to 20-25%.


  Increase contrast Step 7 Next, we want to combine the use of soft, add overlay layer and the normal light as the main focus on the arm and hair.

  Slowly based on multilayer light, adjust its opacity as needed, remember to keep the brush and low flow rate!

  Users also use different brush sizes and hardness levels.

  Now part ignored transparent scarf.

  All current theme layers are grouped together, renamed "model" group.


  Add highlights Step 8 above the "model" group, create a "normal" and "new layer" a set.

  In the subject''s head above the coated amount of light.

  Create a second new layer, set it to cover.

  Adding light transparent part of the pattern of the scarf.Adjust the opacity of two layers.


  9 last step with light, to create a new layer in the "model" group below, it is set to "soft".

  Adding direct light in the transparent rear portion of the scarf.

  Feel free to add more light!


  The last layer 3.How to create a film color grading Next, we will add a color image at the top level.Remember, unless otherwise noted, these layers are placed on top of all the other layers, and marked as "CC".

  Layers are created from the bottom up.

  Step 1 to create the brightness / contrast adjustment layer.

  Set value comparison: the second step 23 to create a color lookup adjusting layer.

  The 3DLUT setpoint: Kodak 5205 Opacity: 30%


  The third step is to create a color lookup second "color look-up" adjustment layer.

  The 3DLUT setpoint: 52182383 Kodak Opacity: 51%


  The fourth step to create a color lookup "Selective Color" adjustment layer.

  Setpoint Color: Black Cyan: Magenta +7: Yellow -9: 5 -11 step to create a second "selective color" adjustment layer.

  Setpoint Color: Cyan Blue: +59 Magenta: Yellow -26: -40 grouping all adjusting layer, the group "CC" designated color correction.


  Featured Color 4.How to make angel wing Photoshop Step 1 in the Download wing, for example, those Eagle Wings, then separated and placed lasso tool two wings.


  Place the wings Step 2 Next, using your favorite method of extracting wings.

  For the left, I used a mixture of magnetic lasso tool and the pen tool.

  For the right wing, I used Select> Color Range.

  In addition, at any time to further adjust the wings!In the course of my way, I always step on the past and present fine-tuning.


  Wings pull out the third step in the upper deck by right-click> Convert to Smart Object, the two wings are Convert to Smart Object.Use Photoshop to add character to add beautiful angel wings "filters" to each wing> "fuzzy"> "radial blur".

  Radial Blur set number: 2 fuzzy way: rotating mass: best click "Smart Filters layer mask", and then a large, soft round "brush" is set to black, to cover the "radial blur "bottom, and an internal filter, so that the effect is visible only at the outer edge of the wing.

  Optionally adding an effect on the emitting layer each wing.

  Mixing the light emission mode setting: Soft Opacity: 56% white color size: 152 pixels


  Step four wings blurred copy left wing, to below the original wing.

  Added overlay color copy effect to the wing, and filled with white.

  Will move to the right wing copies 25-50 pixels to create a backlit effect.

  Add a "layer mask" on the wing copies and cover all looks too intense white part.We hope that most of the light from the right side.

  Similarly, this operation is repeated for the right wing, the wing and then all layers are grouped, the group named "wing".


  Dream Angels Wings Step 5 Create two new layers and cut to "Wings" group, and both are set to "Soft Light".

  Use large, soft round brush painted white on the outer edge of the wing, painted black in the edge of the wing.

  You can also do this on two different layers, to better control the opacity!


  Light wings Step 6 Finally, created on the "Cwings" adjustment layer and cut to "Wings" group, located in the upper layers of the previous crop.

  Lower shadows and highlights to increase.

  Similarly, by switching RGB blue to bring up blue shades.


  Curve setting


  Results 5.How to create a feather in Photoshop Next, we will create a custom feather brush, so that we can add to rotate around the theme of feathers!

  Step 1 Select a feather light on a dark background or dark feathers on a light background feathers any primer, for example, black feathers!

  Go to image> adjustments> hue / saturation in order to eliminate the saturation of all, it becomes black and white.

  If you press Control-I choose light-colored feathers on a dark background, the image color desaturation after reversal.

  Finally, crop images, so that almost no extra blank or blank.


  Feather Step 2 to create a brush by going to Edit> Define Brush Preset.

  Why "Define Brush Preset" grayed out?Remember, you must be a feather image:

  Black and white.On a white background.Black feathers.If the look gray, the contrast is increased.Small enough to become a brush (you may have to reduce the very high resolution image).Here is my brush to white.

  I also recommend the multi-feathers (for example, one or more) to do this, so you have a variety of options!

  I''ve made for myself a few pieces of quill, their settings are the same as above, I will use them as the ultimate feathers, so that you may find!


  Feather brush third step now, we will adjust the brush settings.

  If you do not, "Brush Settings" panel is available, go to the "Window"> "Brush Settings".

  Spacing tip shape: 798% Kinetic shape jitter size: 50% dither angle: 100% roundness jitter: 50% scatter scattergram: 358% Count: 2 (optional) bottom right click "brush settings" panel "Create new pen "button.

  When prompted, make sure only the "tool set includes".

  The brush to black or dark blue # 010018, then brush with a feather!Similarly, the following are some of the content of my favorites, the same settings as above.


  The fourth step will be placed feather feathers Convert to Smart Object layer.

  Adding the "filters" to your feathers> "fuzzy"> "radial blur".

  Radial Blur set number: 2 fuzzy mode: rotating mass: Preferably Then, as you like wings made, using a soft brush to cover a circular radially inner blurred, so that the outward movement of feather.


  Step 5 fuzzy feathers add inner glow on your feathers.

  Mixing the light emission mode setting: Screen Opacity: 40% white color Size: 38 inside the arc of the final step 6, repeat the above steps as many times as needed!

  You can add large feathers on the foreground, apply a Gaussian blur, or try to increase the depth of color!

  You can also use the "layer mask" to cover part of the feathers, or completely remove any feathers do not like.


  Plus Feather Step 7 (Optional) You can use a brush to feather wings back and add more details!

  Create a new layer under your wings.

  Use of a set to white feather brushes, feather mark toward the edge of the wings, in this case, the light would hit their maximum.


  The last layer 6.How to apply textures in Photoshop in order to complete all the work, we will add a layer of clouds and light in the image, and add to our angel halo!

  Step 1 First, halo!We will be based on the gold ring.The best part is that it has been extracted, we can even choose its angle!

  Download ring and put it "model" group below.


  Step 2 ring is placed to create a black and white "Gradient Map" adjustment layer and clip it to the ring, so that it becomes silver.


  The third step is adding the adjustment ring and an outer luminescent emission in the ring.

  Mixing the light emission mode setting: Screen Opacity: 100% White Color Size: mix 35 outside the light emitting mode: Screen Opacity: 63% Color White Size: 79


  The fourth step increase lighting Finally, download my free smoke texture.

  Placing on the canvas below the "CC" group, which is a greatly enlarged, and to tilt.

  Use a layer mask or the eraser tool to remove all the brush edge.


  Step 5 placed texture the texture is set to "screen".


  Screen Step 6 Create a new layer above the "CC" group, and set it to "normal".

  Use very large soft round brush, draw white luster from the upper right corner.


  We finished the last level (use Photoshop to add character beautiful angel wings)!


  There you will have a dynamic photo manipulation angels, ready to place it on the books!I like to encourage people to create their own resources, feather is one of the simplest but most useful brush someone can produce their own.Once you start making your own brushes, I will not go back up!Dream Angels Wings

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