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Use Photoshop filters handle ice cool hand practical tutorial



  Tutorial is to introduce the method of making ice hand, other physical production the same effect, similar to the method.FIG effect relatively complex manufacturing process, use of filters is greater, the need to separate out the physical part of the hook, and then copy the multilayer, each layer use different filters, respectively, and then each of the modified hybrid mode, which can texture effects superimposing the frozen.Late slowly polish and details of the treatment can be.


  利用Photoshop滤镜处理超酷的冰块手 29教程网

  final effect


  1, I started to open your clip, click the path in the path of the panel 1, with a pen hook shot contour path, the path is displayed on the screen.


  2, loading path selection, copy the image to a selected area of four new layer, select the layer and copy the layer 11, the other two hidden.


  3, a copy of the selected layer, to Filter> Artistic Effects> Drawing command, set the parameters as top to bottom: 8,1,3.


  4, the open layer Layer Style box drag hold down the ALT key black layer of the present slide, as shown, to hide the darker pixels in the image.


  5, the display and select the copy layer 12, to Filter> Stylize> command illuminated edge, top to bottom order parameter 2,20,15.


  6, to color, as shown in FIG effect.


  7, selecting and displaying a copy of the layer 3, to Filter> Sketch> Chrome Yellow gradation command, parameters 6,10.


  8, the layer is provided as a color mixing model is also.


  9, now has little effect frozen the.


  10, open the Levels dialog box, drag the shadows slider to the right, the image is dimmed parameters from left to right 48,1.00,255.


  11, copy select Layer 1 Layer 2, the bounding box display, the control point moves slightly upward and to the left of the contour is larger than the hand contour ice.


  12, create a Hue / Saturation adjustment layer, -138, -58,0.


  13, a soft applicator brush tool angle other than ice images, hide.Reducing the opacity of the brush, spread on the index finger middle gray (other parts may be slightly spread).

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