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Use PhotoShop filter material and the characters who turn into water course



  This tutorial very creative.Author of the clever person made of water processed into effect.General idea: to give the whole picture and adjust color, then separate the characters and clothes section, and then use some filter effects to the human part processed into liquid effect.Finally, some of the material produced drops of water beading effect can diverge.Artwork final effect 1, open the original material, first with the pen tool to figure out the hook, press Ctrl + Enter the path into a selection, press Ctrl + J to copy the character to a new layer. 2, press Ctrl + M to adjust the curve of the cutout characters, settings as in FIG.. 3, a new layer, fill color: # 0A6A60. 4, the head of this character skin to pull out the upper half, copied to the new layer. 5, the foreground color is set to emerald green, set the background to white, select the menu: Image> Adjustments> Gradient Map.Adjusting the contrast of light and dark monochrome image. 6, select the menu: Filter> Artistic Effects> plastic packaging, data can be based on individual need to do to adjust, it should be noted that this step is to extract the main highlights of the effect of water, so the plot is quite imagine made of water high optical density and evacuation of people''s face is adjusted according to characteristics of the water, the eye can receive the information that only highlights the darkest part, the other part is transparent. 7, select Layer 3 copy, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ~ tune out the light selection, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift mouse click on the layer 3 a copy, so the person outside the constituency to lose, then fill the new layer 4 white.

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