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Use Photoshop brushes produce a variety of innovative cloud pattern based tutorial



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  Tutorials are used in PS comes with brushes and patterns, before making only need to bring up the brush settings panel, appropriate choice of a good brush, then the appropriate set some parameters and texture.And then with a brush you can draw what you want cloud pattern.

  final effect





  1. First, we create a new document a 400 * 400, set the foreground color 81C1E9, background color 2785DA, drawing vertical linear gradient background.


  2, press into the brush palette F5.

  Brush Tip shape: Type soft tip angle 100, 100px diameter, pitch 25.


  Dynamic Shape: 100% the size of the jitter, the minimum diameter of 20%, an angle jitter of 20%.


  Spread: 120% two-axis, number 5, the amount of jitter 100%.


  Texture: cloud pattern (128 * 128 grayscale), scaling 100%, deepen the color mode, the depth of 100%.


  Other News: Opacity Jitter to 50%, 20% of traffic jitter.


  3, a new layer, the white foreground color, paint brush.


  4, note that: the brush diameter and texture of the clouds zoom style consistent size, reasonable to change the color of the brush, you can create a cloudy picture.


  5, using the stroke path, you can create such images (tú xiàng).



  6, in conjunction with layer styles and optical efficiency, the use of a simple cloud brush (jiǎn dān) handling, can create more fantasy landscape.


  29 tutorial network to remind you, tutorials unfinished, see the next page to continue learning (xué xí)!

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