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Zoom tool of CorelDRAW Comments | CorelDRAW Chinese website



  CorelDRAW is we usually often used mapping software, a variety of layout designs depend on it to achieve.CorelDRAW drawing process often dispersed arrangement of multiple files, often need to put a small zoom tool to zoom in to view the object, so use the zoom tool CorelDRAW frequency is very high, skilled application of the zoom tool, can greatly improve the efficiency of our mapping.

  Next, we will zoom tool for CorelDRAW detailed statement, as shown below:

  cdr新建文档图FIG 1: cdr FIG New Document 1, CorelDRAW enlarged inside tool

  Toolbar inside the magnifying glass is our common options, its shortcut is Z.

  Also worth noting is that when the mouse is in our state selection tool, we can one-time scaling of the current document by pressing F2 on your keyboard.However, only a one-time, after scaling the mouse to select the tool changer state, you can re-press the F2 key, one-time zoom again.

  缩放工具界面图Figure 2: Zoom Tool interface Figure 2, CorelDRAW how all the objects which show all?

  If the workspace has a lot of objects, but some objects too far away beyond the drawing board, while at the same time we want to show all the drawing board all the objects inside and outside.This time, we can use the F4 key keyboard, or double-click on the toolbar of the magnifying glass tool, you can put all the files to narrow the range of the visible.Double-click on the magnifying glass when we will be frequently used drawing.

  文件全部可见示意图Figure 3: a schematic view of all visible document 3, which shows just how CorelDRAW Artboards?

  Internal documents show only the drawing board, drawing board outside no matter how many files are not always displayed.This shortcut command is Shift + F4.

  画板内文件展示图Figure 4: Figure drawing board in the file shows 4, CorelDRAW how freely positioned inside zoom?

  Free positioning and scaling above Double-click on the magnifying glass, are using high-frequency operation, but can easily be ignored novice.

  Free positioning of the scaling method is very simple, the mouse is moved to the first position requiring amplification, then both the front and rear rolling Zoom.

  For example, let''s look at the corners of the rectangular pattern, just mouse over the top corner of the rectangle, and then scroll wheel to zoom, close-up corner after amplification will be presented in the middle of the screen.

  自由定位缩放方法图Figure 5: How freely positioned inside the scaling method Figure CorelDRAW pan?

  CorelDRAWX7 and pan operations after CorelDRAWX8 very convenient and flexible version, the previous version a bit slow translation.

  CorelDRAW translation inside shortcut is "H", you can press the intermediate wheel of the mouse button when the mouse into a hand, to use panning operation.It can drag up and down, very convenient.

  These are all explained on CorelDRAW specific scenes inside the zoom tool used.We must be familiar with how each state for use the zoom tool to enhance their cartographic efficiency, more to the latter drawing files will be more and more complex scaling the proper use of tools, will help us more easily mapping.

  Especially for beginners, the latter could easily be too many files inside CorelDRAW confused mess, and the correct application of CorelDRAW Zoom tool, you can let us quickly find inside CorelDRAW operation object, rather than the east looking west in chaos.

  Author: Doolin

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