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With CorelDRAW?Create a unique large stamp | CorelDRAW Chinese website



  Seal in life is very common, large variety of important documents, written request for leave as small a little, and had large red circular seal deal.But anyway, they have their own thing a big red stamp is a work of immense pride.You asked me how to get it?Do not worry, I''ll tell you.We need to use that CorelDRAW X8, CorelDRAW stamp making mention such a trivial matter.

  大帅哥专用红印章Figure 1: Big Red Seal special guy

  The first step, we need to create a document in CorelDRAW, where you can put a document named after their favorite, then no other parameters specific needs, then you can default, and click OK.

  新建文档Figure 2: New Document

  The second step, select the oval tool left tool bar, in the middle region of the manuscript to draw a circle.Here Circle can hold down shortcut keys "Ctrl", so it must be drawn a perfect circle.If the position a little slight deviation, you can use the selection tool, click and drag to adjust the position of the center.

  绘制一个正圆Figure 3: draw a perfect circle

  The third step, click on the left toolbar text tool, and then place the cursor over the circle lines, shaped curve y = x ^ 3 as the lower right corner flag cursor will appear, which means you can along a circular insert text outline the.Click the left mouse button, add your favorite text and adjust font size.

  插入环绕形文字Figure 4: shape surrounding text insertion

  A fourth step, with the selection tool on the left side toolbar, select the text added in the previous step, drag it into the round, the program will automatically maintain the original annular arrangement, and automatically adjusts a circumferential arc and text the spacing between.When adjusted to the proper position, click the left mouse button, the text will be displayed in a fixed position of the preview.This is the most critical step in making the seal CorelDRAW.

  将文字拖拽至圈内环绕Figure 5: drag to circle around the text

  The fifth step, when CorelDRAW making a seal of the central five-pointed star is indispensable.Select the option to expand the Polygon tool Star tool, hold down the shortcut key "ctrl", draw a positive five-pointed star, five-pointed star and then use the selection tool to drag the center circle.

  绘制正五角星Figure 6: Drawing n pentagram

  The sixth step, add small text at the bottom of the seal.You can enter "Seal" in the name of sovereignty to show seal.The font is then adjusted to the appropriate size.

  添加小文本Figure 7: Adding small text

  The seventh step, all the lines, text color to bright red, and then the large central star is also filled with the same red.CorelDRAW production seal is complete.

  调整颜色Figure 8: Adjust color

  Completion of the above steps, CorelDRAW stamp making is completed.To have such a dedicated stamp and use it where it is needed, is not the very face of it?CorelDRAW seal is made of very basic operations.Learned above, you can also try to produce their own content, other seals.If you want to learn more about CorelDRAW other relevant knowledge and tutorials, please feel free to CorelDRAW Chinese official website oh!

  Author: 123abc

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