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With Coreldraw color decoration design layout of FIG.




  A black and white line drawing in AutoCAD plan, not directly reflect the interior design intent (such diagrams apply only to design institutes, construction companies, supervision companies and other professional and technical personnel).If we put it another way design, with a floor plan to show color, it not only makes clear, but also expressive and appealing.In fact, such a design color size chart is not difficult, there are several ways nothing more than.

  1, first with a vector drawing software, and then converted into a pixel pattern (AutoCAD → Corel DRAW → Photoshop).

  2, the direct use of vector design software (Corel DRAW or FreeHand).

  3, three-dimensional modeling software Material → → → Light rendering two-dimensional plane (or 3DSMAX MAYA).

  Now we talk about how to use Corel DRAW paint a beautiful color plan.With Corel DRAW to draw both simple and quick, and easy to modify for computer hardware configuration requirements are not high (Pentium90 above, 32MB RAM), the software version from Corel DRAW 5 to Corel DRAW 11 will do, draw a color only size chart with a few very simple menu command.

  First, create a baseline wall

  In Corel DRAW, draw a rectangle tool base wall, column, beam, with "modified arrangement → → Size" command, to change the scale size, the wall thickness of the wall 1/2 (12cm), 1.8 wall (18cm), 2.4 wall (24cm), the length of the interior wall of bay (rectangular length).Direct input box in the input parameters (FIG. 1).The left mouse button in the color selected inventory required to fill color (usually black wall baseline).Copy the selected object (the base wall, column, beam), a copy target object Press the "+" on the keyboard.With "arrangement → → deformed position" command, to change the position of the wall distance and the baseline i.e. interior bay (conventional 2.2m, 2.4m, 3.3m, 3.6m, 4.2m,).With "modified arrangement → → rotate" command to change the angle and direction of the wall baseline.


  figure 1

  Second, install windows and doors

  Drawn with the door leaf with the rectangle tool (600mm''900mm) and the thickness of the door leaf (40mm''50mm), using a 1/4 circle tool to draw an oval, drawn in the opening direction of the door (FIG. 2), rectangular and circular arcs You need to set the insertion position of the doors.Videos drawing window is the length of two as with the rectangle tool (normal 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m), the width of the rectangle is not the same, filled with a white, two groups inserted into a desired position mounted rectangular window.


  figure 2

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