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Why do so many people say CorelDRAW easy to use than Illustrator?| CorelDRAW Chinese website



  CorelDRAW (CDR) than Illustrator (AI) is a vector drawing software, has an absolute dominant position in the field of graphic design, because these two simultaneous vector software, many people in the use of choice is made difficult choices disorder.To me, both have their own strengths, indeed equally matched, but more skilled individuals CDR think AI is not bad.For pure novice, learning CDR easily; people will use for the PS, AI learning easy.Many people think that AI CDR reason than nice I guess it is because entry is relatively easy, but more functional, Adobe CDR is equivalent to home PS + AI + ID three!

  When Objectively speaking, comparing two similar software, which is better used, the operator is required to have two software being evaluated to achieve the same level of proficiency, and the same depth of understanding, in order to make an objective evaluation.If you are more familiar with only one, while the other is relatively unknown, then naturally you will praise you tend to be more familiar with the software.


  Illustrator Xiao Bian also the first contact, then work to gradually contact with CorelDRAW, for both programs, small series to share the use of the experience gained in recent years.

  AI''s advantage: no color cast, the software is stable, tracing powerful, especially in vector illustration a particularly tough;

  AI projecting features: group can be edited within a group of elements, similar to a series of deformation tools Mobanggongju Alternatively, stylized objects, width, etc..

  AI disadvantages: The modification of the path is troublesome typically requires two tools are used interchangeably, typesetting weak, not suitable for text and graphics, are not suitable for large drawing design mask opacity, and other non-human aspects gradient fill design Videos.

  Overall AI Some features more prominent, but the lack of improvement on the traditional functions, resulting in complicated operation, very suitable for beginners.


  CDR advantages: the path modification is very easy, relatively easy to switch tools, opacity, fill, mask operation is simple, bitmap functions are more comprehensive; command is simple, fast and easy.

  CDR projecting Function: node selection tools, filters tool palette command, etc..

  The disadvantage of CDR: compatible with PS is not very good, mixed mode and pictures can not be exported, the auxiliary line functions to be perfect (dense auxiliary line up trouble deleted) illustration features compared to the AI a bit cumbersome.

  In general CDR for beginners, easy to use, simple operation, for layout, printing.

  The above said CDR can handle bitmap, equivalent to the same PS, CDR itself is a powerful vector drawing software, is the AI function it has, for the last CDR typesetting and printing, the spitting image of an ID, which is what most people think CDR AI reason than it easy to use.


  Contrast so much, in fact I would say that software is only a tool, not wanting to become proficient very difficult, rare has been the creativity and ideas.As a graphic designer must first choose their own habits and favorite software, and then another software also need to learn basic, after all, the design process often need to convert between software and software.

  More details about CorelDRAW CorelDRAW may refer to the official website.

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