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Why CDR will always choose the hollow graphics | CorelDRAW Chinese website



  Many students often encounter the election is not an object in the situation, always choose the hollow graphics, exactly how is it?Below CDR X8 version, for example, a detailed explanation of the problem.

  Problems: for example begin by drawing a filled circle, and then draw a circle in the unfilled square top.In this case if the selection tool to select a rectangular middle of the round, always outside the default selected unfilled rectangle.So how can only point the border line in rectangular or rectangular marquee will be selected?


  Analysis problem: this is because the circular top cover all rectangular, circular and rectangular drawn back in order, it will be the case - the default selection rectangle later unfilled.


  However, if no filled rectangle not completely cover the circular, it is possible to easily select the center of the circular, rectangular or unfilled first draw, then draw a circle, can be selected as the rectangular intermediate circular.


  1. The implementation of the "Tools> Options" command (keyboard shortcut Ctrl + J), the list of categories in the work area, click Toolbox> Pick tool.

  2. The right of the "Options" panel "Pick Tool" which will disable the "view all objects as filled" check box.

  Explanation: Enable this checkbox allows you to surround the object by clicking unfilled outline or contour of the area to select it; you can only disable the check box by clicking unfilled outline of an object to select it.


  Back to the drawing page, by using the "Tools" go to select a rectangle in the middle of a circle can easily select it, and to select the rectangle, points must be in line in order to select a rectangular border.


  Tip: Use the selection tool, when nothing is selected, you can also click view all objects on the property bar is filled button.


  CorelDRAW is a versatile and powerful vector graphics design software, allows creativity and functionality combine to create your unique style, more about CorelDRAW tutorial, please click on the CDR Consulting.

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