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Which version of CorelDRAW better use | CorelDRAW Chinese website



  CorelDRAW (Win Edition) referred to as CDR, is a professional vector drawing software.It has gone through twenty years of development and transformation, it has released version 21.The more widely used and have cdrx7 cdrx8, cdr2017, cdr2018, cdr2019.

  Figure 1: cdr

  So then I''ll tell you about the difference between cdr each version, which is more user-friendly version.

  A, cdr x7

  FIG 2: cdr, x7

  This edition has been redesigned start, fully customizable interface, tools and settings have been simplified to reflect the natural workflow.So when you need to, everything is in place you need.Highly functional, but somewhat less certain stability.

  Two, cdr x8

  This version also belong to a relatively intelligent, and there''s a lot of interactive tools, you can enter values accurately, you can also adjust the parameters, the operation to simplify.Recommended for novice to start out cdrX8, good to get started.

  Figure 3: cdr8

  Added Corel Font Manager: understand, deal with and manage fonts to meet the needs of all fonts.It is ideal for graphic design, publishing and illustration, packaging design, sign production, advertising and website design.

  FIG 4: Corel font manager

  Three, cdr 2017

  CorelDRAW 2017 becomes more easy to use workflow to match the needs of the immediate work area improves efficiency.

  Figure 5: livesketch

  Especially the new LiveSketch tool, saving valuable design time; when the creative burst, you can enable the capture of all original ideas on the brush device.Previous version relatively speaking, it is more emphasis on the function of painting,.

  Four, cdr 2018

  Comparative cdr 2017 and cdr 2018 Figure 6:

  Figure VI can be seen CorelDRAW 2018 compared to 2017, but also enhance the cdr function of painting.So if the user is drawing more attention to function, it is recommended to select cdr2018.

  Five, cdr 2019

  FIG 7: cdr interface

  Recently launched a new version of CorelDRAW 2019 cdr series.We have improved the necessary tools, powerful graphic design features and a new look interface.It provides designers with a broader creative space.More complete application tool (Figure H).

  Figure 8: cdr package of software

  Whether vector drawing or layout, or website design or bitmap editor, cdr2019 are currently higher version of it.

  Overall, cdr each update, gave us a lot of new features, the interface is more concise, and more accurate colors.But because most people will get used to a version and a version that is best to use.But if there are new features you need, it is recommended to download the new version oh.

  These are the various versions of the introduction of CorelDRAW, cdr Chinese Welcome to the official website to download to try Oh.

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