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Where is the basic CDR graphics | CorelDRAW Chinese website



  Where CorelDRAW comes with basic shapes?Why I can not find, in fact, contains a lot of ground in the CDR polygon graphics toolkit, at a glance you can see a star, a star complex, thread, which is equivalent to PS custom shape tool, but if you are looking for Heart arrow, smiling face and some of the most simple graphics, where is it?

  In fact, the CDR polygon tool is the basis for drawing tools, also known as pre-defined shape tool group.Polygonal tool comprises a polygonal, star-shaped, thread, basic shape, an arrow shape tool sub 10, where the concentration of all the basic pattern.


  Common graphics, you can choose the "perfect shape" picker "basic shape" in the properties bar.


  Some predefined shape drawn graphical toolset red control points on the outline, use the "shape tool" move the control point can change the shape of the pattern.(Basic shape, an arrow shape, and the shape denoted title shape shapes containing four to the control point)


  Also, select any of the arrow style in "perfect shape" picker "arrow-shaped" attribute in column.


  Further, the shape of the flowchart, the title label shape and the shape is also displayed in the corresponding attribute field "perfect shape," in.


  If you feel that the foundation CDR graphic provides us with too little, it does not matter, you can use the font instead of graphics oh, press Ctrl + F11 use to insert the character, you can show up a lot of font styles, including similar as simple stick figure house, etc., all the features you want any graphics.


  Or choose to change the font, select each font has a different pattern, usually selected "Webdings" font (comes with software, no download), which will display a variety of graphical symbols.Try switching to the "Webdings1", "Webdings2", easy to find if directly put a "W" lost like a box!Super multi-vector graphics, find them more patience oh.


  More CorelDRAW graphic tutorial can consult CDR tutorial for help on the use, in the design inspiration.

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