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Where automatically save files in CorelDRAW?| CorelDRAW Chinese website _2



  When CorelDRAW system error occurs, causing the software to crash, many small partners represent not find automatically saved files where, on this issue, Xiao Bian unify answer.

  Steps are as follows:

  1. Open CorelDRAW X8 software.

  2, select "Tools> Options" command, set in the pop-up "Options" dialog box.


  3. Click the work area below the "Save" option.


  4, check the "Always back to" option.CDR default this option is selected, the "automatic backup interval" after the "minutes" refers to save it in a long time.


  ? Temporary folder: you save files in the same location.

  ? Specific folders: You can see the saved place.Under normal circumstances, it will have a storage path, default saved as C: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator \ Local Settings \ Temp.

  If your computer is set up a user account, your username will be based on defined path selection in a specific folder, as shown, you can find my backup files in my account.Or may be a custom file backup path is stored in a specific folder.


  It should be noted that the automatic backup feature to save and open drawing modified.File system error occurred when you want to restart CorelDRAW, from the temporary folder or a designated recovery backup folder.If you choose not to restore the backup file, exit the application file is automatically erased.

  CorelDRAW is a versatile and powerful vector graphics design software, allows creativity and functionality combine to create a unique style, more about CorelDRAW tutorial, please click on the CDR Consulting.

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