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What is the difference between genuine and pirated CorelDRAW?| CorelDRAW Chinese website



  Do you think pirated software is free?Do you think piracy really make you save money?However, these are just your thought.When installing CorelDRAW is not often wonderful variety of problems when using CorelDRAW is not often stop working situation, why there is such a variety of it?

  Previous download songs for free, it is free to use pictures.As the people on the importance of copyright, a growing number of producers, operators combat pirated products is increasing, not just CorelDRAW, genuine copyright protection has been going on.

  If you encounter this, installed unloading, unloaded the equipment, and then unloaded, and loaded.


  Save and Save As are gray screen, the file can not be output, not off the computer.


  Just installed it stopped working.


  Equipment are not installed on.


  Above all kinds, used CorelDRAW believe everyone is familiar with, the reason, the original is to break out of the ghost, cracked version of CorelDRAW you are still using it, dare to use it?

  What is pirated software, how to identify, what harm?

  The so-called pirated software, that has not been authorized or licensed to use the software beyond the function, the main form by rewriting the original software, making key generators, registration information, etc. to achieve interception, the user can not pay under any economic conditions unlimited use of all the features of the software.

  Of course, now there are many unscrupulous businessmen to take genuine piracy to sell, how to identify pirated software it?


  ? Check prices - a few of hundreds of do not look at is piracy, be cautious!Recommended by the official website of the recommended channels to buy corel.

  ? Comes RI - RI generated using CDR product serial number and activation code .

  ? It does not require a serial number - the installation of a unified direct activation code serial number column.

  ? Replace the file - crack file copy in the package ** to replace the software installation directory under way.

  ? Packaging quality - if the package is inconsistent with other dealers and packaging software developers on the site shows, it is likely that illegal products.

  ? EULA - End User License Agreement does not come with the software is not genuine software.

  ? Contact Us - If you are not sure, please send us an email: kefu @, we can tell whether your software is legitimate software.

  Speaking of the above also some cracking software that came with RI or directly generate a serial number, so many people like a cracked version of CorelDRAW because it''s free, just download CorelDRAW or replace the cracked version crack patch can be used, but there is a lot of cracked version the harm can not be ignored, in addition to breaking the law, but also the threat of software piracy features of your product, invade your privacy.


  1, no product support or technical support

  If you download an illegal Corel Torrent or purchased counterfeit software or software from piracy crack dealer and it is difficult if not impossible to obtain help and support.You may find that when software providers have already noted the problem without a trace.At this time, you can do only dead horse a living horse medicine.

  2, the spread of computer viruses and even lead to data leaks

  When software crack by experts, likely to join in the installation package Trojan virus, the user will cause damage to the computer system at the time of installation, or viral infections affect the normal use, causing the leakage of data, all the consequences caused by the use of pirated the responsibility of the user.

  3, the risk of identity information stolen

  Thieves can steal your personal data through counterfeit software tracking program hidden.This type of piracy not only illegal profits by selling cracked software, but also count on your online banking and other sensitive data can open the door to their.We must resist any temptation to illegal Corel Torrent, serial number or key generators, which make you more harm than good!

  4, can not be upgraded

  Impossible to crack the software upgrade, crackers genuine software dongle just to knock down, and put his own with a simple dongle.They can not get the software source code.So, when there is a new industry user demand for software, and the problem can only be resolved through a software upgrade, the attacker is powerless.So, never cracking software is upgraded.

  5, get less service

  After the discovery of pirated software defects and errors, software sellers do nothing.Pirates is no software source code, they can not modify any features of the software when users of pirated software found in the course of some of the features the software module is defective and error, can only passively endure the problem was never found not solve.At this time, if the user is using pirated software, it would be powerless.The end result can only be to give up piracy, to re-invest in software.

  6, business users use pirated software hazards

  No accurate and comprehensive documentation, training is not operational use, no technical support and services, and against the spread of the virus, destroying the user''s personal computer, or the entire network system commercial operating systems, resulting in loss of time and money.Detrimental to the reputation and image of the company, and will be condemned by public opinion; more likely to lead to economic and legal consequences.

  7, using cracked software might damage the reputation of professionals

  Intends to make active use of pirated software or illegal copies of firms and professionals, it may suffer losses often far beyond the scope of fines and criminal penalties.These companies and professionals may suffer permanent damage to reputation and loss of customers.This is for customers, business partners and employees is unfair, especially if the company has thus forced out of business.

  The benefits of genuine software?


  1, virus-free

  The risk of illegal downloading CorelDRAW or cracked software that such software often contain viruses that could harm your system and network.For legitimate software, if there are any obvious security vulnerabilities, CorelDRAW will be like other reputable software developers as quickly take action to provide correct patch.

  2, can obtain technical support

  CorelDRAW will quickly take measures to provide hot fixes and software updates.Buy legitimate license and activate your product, so CorelDRAW official languages can provide you with a variety of product support and updates.For counterfeit software or crack software, you can only solve the problem yourself.

  3, from fines or jail

  Peace of mind is another important benefit of using legal software.Customers with a valid license does not have to worry about because the program using forged or illegally obtained serial number crack software CorelDRAW who were fined or face criminal penalties.

  4, without fear of being stolen identity information

  Your online banking and other sensitive information will be kept confidential and is under your control. Any key record and identity are risk-free to be stolen, counterfeit and pirated software or software as well as download on peer file sharing sites and illegal CorelDRAW key generation process is very prone to this risk.

  5, genuine

  CorelDRAW software pricing is very competitive.We understand that not everyone has no limited budget, CorelDRAW reasonable pricing, so that everyone can easily participate in fair competition as much as possible. In addition, CorelDRAW official also regularly organizes a number of promotional activities to further enhance the attractiveness of the price, please visit our website for more details!

  6, protect your reputation

  The use of legal software, you can win the respect of customers and business partners, without fear of being ordered to suspend business management or bear heavy heavy fines. The use of pirated software may be sentenced to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fines if found using pirated software behavior in the company, the company''s managers may face jail.Resist Torrent, crack software or key generators temptation!

  7, for more industry information and good works

  Through fair competition, pay for Corel products, you can also benefit from. Your support will inspire us to continue to develop exciting new products, features and content, and to provide support for existing products.

  8, create jobs

  Help participation in software development, marketing and distribution of all staff to keep jobs. In addition, let us not forget that all professionals use Corel software to make a living (fashion designers, engineers and artists, etc.), they are entitled to get a stable job and decent pay.

  9, in order to contribute to the local community

  Software to help a lot of community building. Software company by paying the rent and tax to fund public services and create employment opportunities for local. The software company has only sold products in order to pay taxes, serve the community, so software piracy (whether active or passive) affects not only software developers, but also affect many other people. This is not fair to everyone!

  Users of pirated software while using pirated software, inadvertently helping pirates equal stolen goods, but also to help combat pirates genuine software developers.While legitimate software developers of the hit, it also undermines the normal rights and interests of their own, the industry.So we say to cracked version "no", and resolutely resist, of course, not just CorelDRAW crack version, crack version also includes other software.

  Read so much, I believe your heart to the hearts of the difference between genuine and cracked software also has a steelyard, easy to purchase, click here to sell genuine, to ensure that no business dealing with suspicious transactions to avoid hard-earned money is being run illegally molecular volume.

  CorelDRAW public official to give you a number to send welfare, and now focus on "CorelDRAWVIP", reply "stuff" there is massive material and other templates you receive, please prepare large hard disk space oh ~

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