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What is CorelDraw?What CorelDraw software features?| CorelDRAW Chinese website



  CorelDRAW is a vector graphics software

  CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a Canadian company Corel graphic design software

  CorelDRAW Graphics Suite extraordinary design capabilities widely used in logo design, sign making, model drawing, illustration, drawing, layout and color separation output, and so many other areas.

  As a powerful drawing software, it is a favorite of the extent of the available facts show: for commercial design and art design of the PC has installed almost .

  CorelDRAW allows you to easily cope with creative graphic design projects.

  Market-leading file compatibility and high-quality content can help you become a professional creative work: from distinctive logos and signs to striking marketing materials and Web graphics pleasing, everything.


  CorelDRAW interface design and friendly, vast, subtle and meticulous operation.It provides a set of designer''s drawing tools include a circular, rectangular, polygonal, square, spiral, etc., and with the shaping tools, in order to make a variety of substantially more changes, such as rounded rectangles, arcs , fan-shaped, and star.It also provides special pressure, such as a pen brush, pen, sprayers and the like, in order to fully utilize the large amount of computer processing information, a random high control characteristics.

  For ease of design needs, CorelDRAW provide a set of graphics precise positioning and Deformations.This brings great convenience to the exact size of the required design trademarks, logos, etc.. Color art design is the focus of visual communication; CorelDRAW filled with solid color toner filling scheme provides various modes of application and the spot colors, gradients, pattern, material, mesh, and the color change operation mode is the other and the software can not.The CorelDRAW color management solutions allow horses display, print and achieve consistent color printing.


  Output of the input text image processing CorelDRAW constitute typesetting.Word processing software is far better for all.It supports most of the input and output image format.Almost unimpeded exchange share files with other programs.So most of the PC for use with the art design layout directly in CorelDRAW, and then separated output. CorelDRAW users around the world with trusted companies, professional effects to show their ideas to enhance business efficiency.

  The following can be learned from the examples of how CorelDRAW is to help users export a variety of finished products: marketing propaganda either for primary or professional designer, CorelDRAW is an ideal tool to help designers make marketing propaganda.Sign from a specific project, product and brand recognition pattern, and even brochures, print ads and newsletters, etc., CorelDRAW allows you to create promotional materials, design their own campaign data, saves time, cost, better show highly creative.


  Clothing CorelDRAW is the ideal solution for the apparel industry.With a variety of powerful tools and features, high accuracy and ease of use, can help build clothing design, fashion shows listed by the trust of designers and making division.More and more leading apparel design companies using CorelDRAW as proofing and design solutions.

  Sign production CorelDRAW has established a wide range of functions required to sign.Which contains more than 100 kinds of filters can be used to import and export clip art and tools to easily create custom graphics and text configuration.It includes several new features signature design personnel needs and long Enhancements.Therefore, CorelDRAW is a sign production staff favorite graphics package.

  Carving and engraving computer cutting the word is CorelDRAW, trophies, medals production and computer cutting words such as industry favorite graphics solutions.

  CorelDRAW ease of use, compatibility and value has been the love of industry professionals.

  For more detailed information about CorelDRAW vector graphics drawing software, you can learn CDR tutorial.

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