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What is a bitmap | CorelDRAW Chinese website



  We all know that CDR, its full name is CorelDRAW, is a professional graphic design software, focused on vector graphics editing and typesetting.The software has a bitmap features - Convert to Bitmap.I''m using here is CorelDRAW2019 (win system).As shown below:

  Figure 1: Function Bitmap

  See here, a lot of new to graphic design junior partner will be wondering, what is a bitmap?

  Bitmap, also referred to as a bitmap or a raster image, by a single point called pixels (picture elements) composed of.These points can be arranged in different patterns to form a dye and.When an enlarged bitmap, can be seen on which the entire image is composed of numerous individual blocks.Enlarged bitmap size is to increase the effect of a single pixel, so that the jagged lines, and shapes.

  Processing the bitmap, the output image quality determines the resolution set when the process starts at the level of.Resolution is a general term for details and size information included in an image file, and an input, output, or display device capable of generating a level of detail.Operation bitmaps, the resolution will not only affect the quality of the final output will also affect the file size.

  Bitmap advantage is that there are a sufficient number of pixels of different colors, you can create a rich color images, vivid manifestation of nature scene.The disadvantage is that easy scaling and rotation distortion, while a larger file size.

  We can try to take pictures inside the CorelDRAW.First, click File, then select Import.Or just press the shortcut key ctrl + l Import Pictures.

  QQ截图20191018164940Figure 2: Importing Pictures

  After importing the picture, we have chosen the top row of the bitmap tool, select Convert to Bitmap.Set parameters, we set the resolution to 300dpi.As shown below.

  QQ截图20191018164622Figure 3: is converted to a bitmap

  After the conversion to a bitmap.We use the mouse wheel to zoom to see the effect this picture.

  QQ截图20191018161108After amplification: 4

  After amplification, the pigment found pictures can see some blocks and become very blurred.This is the disadvantage of the bitmap, and then easily zoom the picture distortion.However, under normal circumstances, the bitmap image will make it more realistic, it also benefited from its very rich pigment block.

  Bitmap also commonly used in image processing, video rendering and other wedding, like common photo, scanning, digital photos, etc..

  About bitmap This article will introduce here the.In graphic design, the concept of the bitmap is still very important.Clarify the concept of the bitmap, it contributes to a better use bitmap function in CorelDRAW.I hope you will be familiar with as soon as possible.

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